“F— You Lucifer”

I know I am supposed to forgive you,

Yet children murdered is what brings you glee.

A God in heaven weeps for the predator who cannot see.

Why do I live in this rotten shanty

Of a world of baby’s screams eternal?

A lesson must be learned of those who have been murdered, icy.

I weep for thee maternal, beauty bold.

Save me lord and wipe my skin so raped.

Pluck my eyes and burn the proud and blamed, to bask in clouds.

Save the children doomed to scalpel bliss,

Come to tame your Lucifer unscathed.

No, I will suffer if it means you are doomed for the win.

The victor, change my eyes to behold blight,

Humble my ways to always take in light.

I am flawed,

but my love for God is always broad.

Published by thefakereal


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