“I Am a Man Out Of Time”

“I am a Man Out Of Time”

by Hector M. Rivera


I am a man out of time,

though not really,

for then there should have been

a time I could claim.

A time of absent bloodshed,

a time of nurtured bliss,

where babies do not daily feel

the scalpel’s burning kiss.

A time where mercy rains

on the meek minded children,

a time where bullies vanquished,

reparate instead of eviscerate.

I WAS a man out of time


I learned the truth,

that there has never been a time on earth purely

that could take root.

I do not fancy the long rape murder.

It is not fashionable to me,

to dangle corpses merrily around my neck

so daintily.

My long wait gave birth to me,

to know there is a place,

where angels cheer for me

a place to lay my face.

A home up in the heavens,

equipped with righteous King,

to wipe away my tears perpetually

so complete this King did win.

I will not mourn my birth to this rotten world.

For only through this filth will I

reach my true reward.

For the greatest blessing ever given

was when I realized this,

that my final destination will not be drenched in piss.

Keep your erect monkeys,

and keep your primordial goo,

I am none of these,

and eventually,

so are you.

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