“So Much Unknown”

“So Much Unknown”

By Hector M. Rivera


Which foot did step first to you,

if indeed I did step foot,

whom will see me coming,

and if you see me come,

which step will hit earth first?

Will you see me blush first?

Will you taste my thirst,

will you see the owl glide in twilight glades of hearth?

He ponders where to perch or perhaps to build his nest,

and every time he falls in love

he takes it to the chest.

So close he sips the juice of you

a mist is in his wake,

and howls the wind away from him

old wounds in him do gape.

Mystery surrounds her lovely pale round eyes,

so quick to steal my breath away,

I swim in darkened pools.

Whose face will meet me if it does,

and will we trade in smiles?

Will we kiss so deeply we forget the long dark miles?

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