“The Journey”

“The Journey”

By Hector M. Rivera


A shrouded hood covers lips

that wished and wished to steal a kiss,

from balcony up high and laden with

clouds with dreams of princess missed.

On moonlit paths of danger near

the shrouded hood darts here and there,

always quick as lightning spent,

to catch a glimpse of fairest lips.

Then evil struck and the hood was banned,

and pined away in distant lands

and sings songs, so full and sad,

of fairer times across the sands.

I cannot stop my feet from falling,

one then others ever drawing

near to days of distant past

please speed me to my golden lass.

Let fire fall on shadows left,

let nothing hamper my ascent,

one more step away from depths

of bitter hells and callous pits.

Sanctify our union made,

when rains swell down and merry played,

of hearth and home and diligence

no distance forged could sever us.

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