“The Well”

“The Well”

By Hector M. Rivera


I fell and fell way down the well

and plunged into the water.

The freezing grip made me forget

the villains who put me under.

Shivering, I clawed and screamed

my hope to save myself,

Yet all that heard my cries of Hell

bounced back way down the well.

A stone is rolled, eclipse is set

to bury me away,

And tears and shivering hold me close,

my water bed of Pain.

All I did was kiss her hand

to deserve this gruesome end,

And yet my end so laughable

way down this dark, dark Hole,

my last thought drifts slowly up

and liberates my soul.

It climbs and breathes such freedom

that envy is my breed.

When next we meet and you see me

my smile will make you bleed.

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