“When Winter Sets Too Fast”

“When Winter Sets Too Fast”

By Hector M. Rivera


A winter came to the deep green wood,

and so cruel and quick it was,

that every daffodil it met

it froze to stone with merriment.

And youngling birds in deepened nests

stared powerless, at the great white brute

as it trampled on their playgrounds

and cared for not if the young birds wept.

Than one day, almost as if sent,

the gleaming sun way up above,

sent a hero to the wood,

she was a Magnificent, Courageous, Warrior,


The Noble duck approached the nest of a youngling bird and said,

“Why do you shiver so, little one?”

“Don’t you know, that there’s nothing to fear

Of the winter beast who always lurks near?”

The little bird shyly looked at its little bird feet and said,

“My mom and dad left the nest

to find seeds and they tarry too long”,

The epic duck smiled a smile,

She smiled a smile that went for miles, and said

“Then I will stay with you little one

And with all the little ones till your moms and dads return”.

She did just that,

Just as she had said,

And just as she was put forth to do,

And the winter beast came and went,

And sometimes growled,

And sometimes purred,

But Sometimes is not Forever,

Forever is a Magnificent duck

Who stops

To help

When she hears the bleating

Of the little birds


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