“Profound Apologies”

It was I young one, it was I, who paved the road for you.
No dragon adorned the mantle of your ruin as I’ve shown.

No knight sits boldly cleaving blight to save you from this land.
An old and bitter man remains,
An old and bitter night,
so cold it seeps in darkened shadows, it stretches many miles.

No noble steed waits for you for long ago I ate it, waiting for my knight to come and save me from the dragon.

I passed the torch so many times a coward lies in wait, for the next poor soul who wanders by to be my food this night.

I am the dragon, I am the dragon with dripping bloody maw, with carnal roars and disregard i beat the long dead horse.

Who will stop the evil, which chosen one now lurks ,to silence ancient miseries and save all that’s lost.

Perhaps the dragon was a noble man or perhaps he never was.
Perhaps he saved the weary from the pendulum of moss.
Or was he just a jester and laughable at that, the punchline of his jawline caused no sense of merriment.
A cancer grew and changed his flesh to rot,
And no amount of flower could hide the crooked plot.

Profound apologies a canyon is its roof,
and all the tears you’ve shed for me is the final proof.

And all the tears you’ve shed for me now drown me drop by drop.
And it turns out without a doubt you are the hero bound.

Should you choose a different path than mine, and never run from battle lines
and never shirk from quests,
You defeat the first dragon who cursed all rest.

Break the chain and break the fates and free yourself fom me.
And always know that i will show profound apologies.

Published by thefakereal


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