No food

This is the third night out. I cant find food. It’s safer at night. No muteboots. They like the day. So full of themselves that their kills are more fulfilling in the day. Cyborgs addicted to blood. Not vampires. More like demons. Their prey? The younger the better. Theirs nothing left of the world but kids. All the grownups died. A sleep that never they awoke. All that was left was kids. Im angry. I dont play well with others. Least of all the muteboots. So quiet so deceptive so hungry. They want the young. Im ahead of the curve. I slash. I found a katana. The thing kills as its unsheathed. Its alive. As bad as the blood drinkers, but i use it to save. Fuck those pieces of shit. Ive seen enough of their kills to know thiers no talking to them. I kill them before they kill whatever hasnt died.

Published by thefakereal

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