Lambertville Highschool NJ-Haunted Highschool

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This road trip began with a brief search on google asking the great oracle to find for me the top 10 haunted places to visit in New Jersey. Baskerville Highschool was 8 on the list on the website of the great folks at

My son and I mounted our trusted Rav 4 and set out on our journey. It was an hour and some change to get there and worth every second and drop of gasoline to leave the concrete jungle behind and greet the open farm lands, that indeed, do exist in New Jersey. Winding roads and quaint functional houses dotted the country side and my fancy was tickled because to me this is where I have always felt most at home.

My parents, true Puerto Rican Jibaros at heart and soul, imparted this love of country life to me and of the deep dark woods and I am forever greatful.

But I digress, Highways and switching lanes and there off to the side following the trusted directions of Lucille, other wise known as the google maps voice whom I lovelingly gave a name, the way one would with a family pet said, “sharp left” and up Washington Street we went.

Washington Street itself is creepy. It is a well travelled and dark and dingy looking road that travels up a substanstial hill that overlooks the town of Lambertville. Steep steps slowly being consumed by time, debris and the hill itself brings you to the foot of the hollowed foundation of the highschool. All that is left is the foundation and lower wall which acts as a foot print of the building.

I have attached 3 video links to where I facebook lived the exploration. I will not be making that mistake again. Next time I will just personally video my trips and upload to in a new featured section that will eventually be under the subsection menu “Paranormal”. Expect many more trips to come.

New Jersey happens to have more Ghost Spots than pot holes in Hudson county and that fact is amazing unto itself.

The legend of the haunting of this area goes like this. A young man playing football for the Highschool broke his neck and died on the football field. The town to this day supposedly did away with the sport entirely associated with the school because of the freak accidental death. Rumors and sightings of the spirit of the boy began and in 1956 the school closed down. It became a hangout for teenagers looking to party away from adults who used to party just like they did, in cool and edgy hangouts that kept them away from adults, who did the same thing ad infinitum. Two party people died under mysterious circumstances and the building was eventually torn down to keep kids from going there.

There is more to that story. A local dropped by as my son and I were picking through the remains of the Haunted and abandoned Highschool and through the course of conversation imparted to us that there was a fire at the school before they tore it down. Now I dont know if the fire was set by the townsfolk to speed up its demolition, or firebug kids got bored and wanted to make their first masterwork of torrid burning chaos, or the ghost kid did it. I just know its a great day trip that leaves you yearning for more and I highly recomend this Ghost hunt to be carried out by friends and family. Wear good and tough boots and jeans and you should be fine. Until next time Ghost Hunters.

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