April Fool’s Day 2018

I woke up this morning with a definite plan of attack to add more depth to my body of work by adding some papers that I had written for University. I was gonna call the new section academics. I picked up my battle worn thumb drive and its metal armor glistened as if Torbjorn himself spent 2 hours buffing the shiz out of it. I went to insert and just like prom night for so many other wannabe troubadours it would not go in the hole. It was then that I realized the chassy was bent and time and my fat ass had warped it so that it would never sit right in the female receptacle ever again. I looked up and screamed to the heavens…”Nooooooooooooooo WHYYYYYYYYYY you mother bitch”!

I wish you all a Happy April Fool’s Day. Please put in the comments some of your most memorable April Fool’s day moments. Air High 5 to everyone.

Published by thefakereal


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