#Wrestlemania Weekend 2018

This is the moment for certain fans where your heart beats a little faster. Where you yearn to see the epic storylines that culminate on the grandest stage of them all.

We are all, as prowrestling fans, supremely spoiled this year. Not just with what New Japan ProWrestling has achieved in the masterful story telling of “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, “The Young Bucks” and “The Bullet Club” in General, but Okada and Naito Etc… and last but not least, Daniel Bryan is freakin back. Kevin Owens and Sammi Zayn are at their heel best. Asuka’s streak is on the line versus Charlotte and the Smackdown Live’s Women’s Championship. We are all about to be blessed with a revisitation to the epic of Shinsuke Nakumura versus the WWE Champion, A.J. Styles. This Wrestlemania is breathe taking. Its scope and its ramifications are about to change the business forever.

I say all this without even mentioning NXT Takeover, which if fans of thefakereal.com are interested, I will be reviewing in depth for my ProWrestling Review section. I will be doing the same for Wrestlemania and all upcoming Payperviews.

That being said the prospect of a force fed Roman Reigns Universal championship reign sickens me. No psychological jedi mind trick that Mr. Mcmahon employs will ever get Roman “over”. He is booed like a heel. You want Roman Reigns over? Turn the Samoan Superman Heel. The crowd will eat it up like the juiciest rib eye you ever feasted your starving eyes upon. This is not mindless Roman Reigns hate. I get it. The Universal Championship must be freed from the clutches of Brock Lesnar. It has to be done just to freshen things up. Point blank if asked who I want to win on that match I say Brock, but I must be honest that it annoys me that the champ is never around.

Sure, Roman is being shoved down our collective throats to unseat the gluttonous Brock Lesnar. A man who has held the Universal Championship hostage, but it needs to happen. Don’t get me wrong. I echo the sentiments of my favorite IWC youtuber JDfromNY206. I, like he are no Roman Reigns marks, but the title should be defended on a more regular basis. It should not be hoarded like Smaug the dastardly and demonic dragon of “The Hobbit”.

Below I am leaving a link to “The Real News” of Professional Wrestling Reporting.

JD, Im a big fan, and Im just across the river inspired by your take on the prowrestling universe. Enjoy this weekend. For it is Christmas for the #HardcoreProWrestlingFan


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