#AEWvsNXT @jdfromny206 never lets the iwc community down

The war has officially begun and all with the keen mind and sharp wit of @jdfromny206. I’m a total mark of his to preface this, but his voice will be a beacon of light under these times where the casual fan will transform, like a butterfly from a cocoon, into a hardcore fan, because of the level prowrestling will eventually reach. It’s a great time to be a fan. In his latest video upload on youtube, (https://youtu.be/ckBCetASTMw) he said something that was bouncing around my mind as well.

#NXT is ready for bigger venues. Full sail university is a marvelous womb but the moth has escaped the cocoon. What we witnessed Wednesday from NXT WAS a marvelous display of good writing and top notch performance. We witnessed people who love the sport with every fiber of their being putting it all on the line for us. They deserve a bigger stage.

I myself felt it was a tie and the ratings will show who won by a nose. However, the butterfly of #NXT IS ready for bigger venues. They deserve the roar of a big crowd for what they have given us night in and night out for so long.

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