#AEWvsNXT #WednesdayNightDynamite

There is so much to write about. The exuberance, the adulation of being a fan right now and witnessing of prowrestling greatness is a dream come true.

I watched #AEW and #NXT on a pirated site because times are tough and a cable bill doesn’t jive with the moths in my wallet. So I ask the question. What was the best match of the night between the battling brands? Please list your choices in the comments below.

Mine with out a doubt was the frenetic 6 man tag at the end of #wednesdaynightdynamite.

Raw is abysmal and smackdown is too, save for Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar. Sure there could be a 3 year build of Rey Mysterio’s son toppling the man who brutalized him. A build that could climax at wrestlemania for the title. Dominic is in training and in 3 years it could be a believable achievement if he has one tenth the ability his father has. But this is Vince we’re talking about so no.


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