#AEW vs #NXT crowdless Review

I like it. Aew has far outdone wwe in this regard. It’s like watching a combination of intimate theater and indy prowrestling. It’s a breath of fresh air and even benefits wwe though so far their showing rerun matches is an example of uncreativity.

I love it. It makes the promo’s so much better or so much worse. It’s truth you cant hide by turning the volume down on the fans. Also the viewership is going to reflect this.

My prediction is raw and smackdown ratings will fall and aew will reign supreme until Vince leaves and triple h takes over. It’s that simple. Wwe has lost the war already just with originality. Also I love both organizations and I grew up on wwe. This article is not aimed at casuals. This is for the real fans. Shout out to https://www.youtube.com/user/JDfromNY206 of the #IWC his analysis is the most honest and told from the perspective of a life long fan and not the casual.

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