#CoronaVirus Bayonne, Nj 03/20/2020

I have yet to see a human die in the street from it. I know no one with it. Though constantly I have been beat over the head with imagery and horrific details on the horrendous death of drowning in your own puss filled phlegm.

It’s a tragedy. All my life atheists have told me I am dumb for believing in god because I cannot not see him and only know him through second hand accounts. Now I’m expected to bend over and get raped without romance by Corona Virus.

My family and I are safe and are stocked up on food for about 2 months. As time passes though I am more and more leery of leaving the home just because I would rather not run into a mob and have to end someone because they have no self discipline during crisis. The US Army trained me well to deal with madness around me.

No one I know is sick that I have seen with my own eyes. I have run across just walking older folk coughing their lungs out but it’s still all in tv land.

For the record, my opinion is this is a bio weapon that was released much like the Stephen king story the stand. I recommend it. Watch it free on youtube.

In that movie Lucifer facilitates its release. In the real world it is his devout followers who have released this all on us and again much like that story it will be God, and not a vaccine that saves you.

Keep in mind I am not trying to save your soul. I’m not into proselytizing. That’s between you and your reality.

However the ones who released this are devoutly faithful and their dark father wants your death very very badly. In the end religion has nothing to do with it. You are either good or bad. That’s it. We each know our own hearts.

Enough of that. Today I will be following some of my favorite sources of news and will begin reporting here myself. I follow: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshCsg1YVKli8yBa, Steve Lookner


Fox news, even though I hold them in the same negative esteem as cnn.

I’m most concerned about the increasing infected and death number in NYC as I live so close.Stay safe and also informed and remember resist evil at all costs.

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