#CoronaVirus 03/21/20 David Icke is Right

The same organizations trying to “help” us are the same people who invented the death panel. Go ahead, google death panel and read between the lines.

Essentially we have a remote controlled drone virus which is a gun to our head to accept the system as our new daddy.

Its Stockholm’s syndrome. Its wife beater syndrome. They want us to love our abuser like a dog once beaten, crawls on its belly back to its master to lick its feet.

This medical system Im Supposed to trust is the same system that believes it’s ok to abort 63 million babies without universal consequence.

I’m a US army veteran who was honorably discharged and was willing to lay down my life as well as take them, to defend the constitution and the people of the United States from all enemies, foreign and “domestic”.

I’m also the product of an Island that was illegally occupied and colonized in Puerto Rico by the tentacles of the New World Order.

I was a star wars storm trooper. A colonized conquered region and then I join the military.

We are all part of the rubbled landscape the new world order has given birth too.

The god of goodness, the god of truth and the god of mercy and justice who they will not be allowed to be named is coming. If not I hope at least he does the avatar thing and imbues the best of us with power to destroy this evil empire.

If you don’t know how bad martial law can get you soon will.

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