Notice how the new deep state tactic against #trump will be for deep state controlled governors to hold their states hostage and lie about the numbers to hurt him come election time. I have not isolated myself as my would be masters have decreed and all I see is happy families being with each other, out and free.

I see some weak minded scared out of their britches people who can’t tell when someone is lying to them but the majority of the people here where I am are happy and going about life yet slightly happier.

I think we’re happier because we kind of know for many of this child eating scum, the chickens are coming home to roost and before the bullets burst their skulls, we can feel victory. Justice has finally come for the droves of slain murdered children used as food or worse as Phil Schneider revealed before he was murdered.

The other technique they use is to paint the global outbreak map red so psychologically when voting time comes you’ll want to turn the world blue. Magic right before your eyes. Resist the deep state folks, they harvest adrenochrome from children. They are the worst of the worst.

They are the bully who tortured you and physically abused you as a bright eyed and pure hearted child. They are the wife beaters. They are the goblins in the night that tried to slay the divine feminine and use magic to make women hate themselves and make women believe that all males hated them. They are the kitten killers. They are the puppies in pillow sacks thrown over the side of the overpass of highways with glee sort of folks.

They warehouse the millions of runaways and kidnapped children to harvest them for food, adreno chrome or trauma based mind controlled hitmen and sex slave spies.

Justice is finally coming for them. I’ll play my guitar as they die but I wish I had a fiddle as their empire burns.

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