“The Dark Side of the Ring” ep-2 season- 3 New Jack Review

No spoilers from me. I have been stuck upon a quandary though as I gazed into 2 black pools promising death other wise known as New Jack’s eyes. It’s mesmerizing.

This was filmed long ago and much time has passed and yet as I watched it I began to psych myself up as if I was about to face New Jack himself. I was trying to “hulk” myself up and not look away when his cobra eyes dug daggers into the camera.

Its unexplainable. It feels unexplainable.

I’ll leave you the reader with this. Watch this episode but beware the hooks that will tear into you.

The last scene paints the picture of an old wheelchair bound New Jack laughing maniacally describing a coke binge, his eyes darker than the white powdered coke up his nose. Inside me I felt the way Batman does as he leaves the Joker’s cell. His laughter promising more slaughter as he will undoubtedly escape into his nightmares. You walk away hearing New Jack’s laughter like the granite top of a crypt sealing his next victim forever.

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