Clap If You Believe In Fairies

Clap If You Believe In Fairies

By Hector Rivera

Setting: dark room, one chair, light bulb swinging. The victim is tied to the chair. The killer stands freely moving about as he wishes. He wields a dull black tactical survival knife.

Note: The victim wakes up, tied to a chair.

Gregory: I’m glad your up. The last vessel in that chair went pee pee in her pants. I dont like the smell. At least awake you can hold it.

Victim: struggles with her bonds as she becomes more lucid. She stares fearfully at her captor, as fight or flight kicks in.

Gregory: Some of us love this part. When you realize how fucked you are and theres no getting out of it. Your eyes move around the room looking for an exit. You sit there waiting for your very own zorro to come marching in and woop my ass but good. You dont know, but I know, thats not happening darling. You just rolled snake eyes. Moral of the story? Never talk to strangers.

Note: He bludgeons her with the pommel of the kife knocking her out. Scene turns black with her unconsciousness.

Victim: She regains conciousness.

Gregory: That is some knot on your head! My uncle used to call those rose blossoms. Do you know why your here vessel? Mum’s the word huh? You’re here because i chose you. I pointed my finger down at you like Michaelangelo’s wet dream, and there you are. My own personal pin cushion.

Victim: Begins to cry.

Gregory: Hey hey there sugar tits…you can piss yourself if you want to…I get it…logic and plumbing.

Victim: Stops crying and noticeably lowers her head.

Gregory: pokes her knee with the knife but she doesnt stir. Like I was saying before..some of us like the begging and the pleading and the why god why’s. My favorite is the art of conversation. It’s a lost art vessel. Its nigh extinct even.

Victim: No longer the victim…Gavreel raises her head…just watching and studying her subject.

Gregory: I just got goosebumps….look at the hair standing on my arm….christ. Do you feel that? Your ice cold darlin. You look different. You ever see the look of a cat when it has its paw on the mouses tail. Its almost like the fucking feline is amused. Sucks for the mouse but as my uncle always said, When the universe shits on your doritos go get you a mouse and play with it till it stops moving. Man, you sure got your poker face on dont you. Lets see if there’s ice water in those veins of yours.

Note: He cuts her arm, not looking at the wound but staring in her eyes. She does not scream. Merely stares back at him. Gregory is panting heavy expecting guttural screams but only recieves back silence.

Gavreel: You have alot to learn.

Gregory: Oohhh the strong and silent type. So its a battle of wills huh?

Gavreel: Your uncle used to say a battle of wills is like a barrel of fish.

Note: shock and horror is splayed on his face.

Gavreel: Your uncle was a cancer to this earth….you know that. When you were four and he killed that puppy in front of you. Do you really think that is the way a precious life is supposed to be lived?

Gregory: Vessel needs more cutting…thats fine….thats fine…

Note: His cutting produces blood on the floor but Gavreel does not stir. The blood loss makes the vessel lose conciousness but eventually she regains herself.

Gregory: I knew you were special, when I picked you in that bar. You just were glowing. Like God put you on this earth just for me.

Gavreel: You were young when he broke you. Shattered your little mind into a million fucking pieces.

Gregory: How are you even speaking in functional sentences? Did you see what I just did to you?

Gavreel: Gregory, I want you to be still and listen very carefully to me. This…is your last chance. You will not be afforded any other opportunities to save yourself. Once you consciously choose to continue this path from here on out, your soul will be damned. That means forever Gregory. You know what forever is dont you? Remember when you were 6 and that fantastic Uncle got bored and decided to teach you about sodomy and pain thresholds? Youd pass out and hed wake you up again and again and the rough ride just didnt seem to end. That felt like forever Gregory, but i guarantee you, that was not a blip on forever’s fucking radar screen.

Gregory: You dont know that….how could you know that…nobody…

Gavreel: You still think we’re in your basement? You still think time is passing? I assure you, we are on pause.

Gregory: Your a tricky cunt like that Doctor I followed home. She was tricky too but her bones are still down here with us. She thought she could play mind games and twist me in knots but I proved her wrong and she shit her britches like all the others when i squeezed her intestines with both clenched fists!

Gavreel: Do you believe in God Gregory?

Gregory: What do you mean like Jumping Jones Jesus fucking Christ?!!Make no mistake! I am fucking God here!!

Gavreel: Im an angel. Ive been sent to make you see the wrongs you have done.

Gregory: Hello Angel.

Gavreel: Gavreel.

Gregory: Id like to introduce you to my friend here under this sheet.

Gavreel: I dont feel pain Gregory.

Gregory: Its called a car battery and your about to get aquainted with it for an hour or two.

Note: The vessel passes out but the angel feels no pain. Eventually the vessel regains conciousness.

Gregory: You dont scream. (Said so sadly)

Gavreel: You can change. You can never hurt another person again and feel real joy and real love.

Gregory: I dont believe in God. I dont believe in anything. Your no angel. Angels do not exist. Should I clap if i believe in faries? None of this is real. Im probably in my bathroom imagining all this while an embolism pops in my head as i push out a log of shit. Ive probably passed over to the land of the drooling insane.

Gavreel: This is real… and I am an angel and I can prove it to you.

Gregory: Im listening.

Gavreel: If angels exist than demons should too. Look behind you.

Note:Gregory turns around and out of the shadows walks out the demon in the personage of his Uncle.

Gavreel: This has been your companion guiding you in all of your life.

Uncle Bale: Hey kiddo…We should just get another girl…this bitch is killing my buzz.

Note:Gregory faints….fade to black.

Note: Gregory is now tied to the chair. Gavreel exists now in the periphery.

Uncle Bale: Greggy. Wake up you little pussy lol.

Gregg: Your dead….what the fuck is going on (deeply afraid).

Uncle Bale: im not really your uncle. Im not even human but we have soooo much in common. You are a twisted piece of shit greggy. In a very endearing way. Lets face it, humanity is a meat bag waiting to get lanced. Get your kicks before the whole shit house burns up in flames my dude. I love to watch you work. This little halo cunt has no fucking idea hehe. Theres no going back.

Gregory: (shivering and in shock) you hurt me….i was just a little boy…a baby (stuttered).

Uncle Bale: Awwww you want me to call you a waaambulance greggy? Hehe. Nononono you got fortified my boy. A stiff spine reinforced by a stiff pecker but your wounds healed greggy and Uncle Bailey made you stronger didnt he heheh. Now you are the God Greggy. And when they beg you to let them go or when they beg you to stop cutting or when they beg you to finally let them die, you indeed are their God.

Gavreel: (now equally again restrained in a chair next to the newly restrained Gregory) You can end this Gregory. There is still time to save yourself. Let the girl go and never return to this life.

Uncle Bale: nononononono. This wont do at all. (Duct tapes Gavreel’s mouth shut.) Shes like a fucking hen house haha.

Gregory: Who invited you into my house. Get out!

Uncle Bale: you gave me an all access pass when you were leaking out of your bottom in your uncles basement. You were curled up in a little ball yearning for death and you begged god to save you. He didnt come so i came instead and you welcomed me in with open arms and we’ve been pals ever since. I think its been about 20 girls in the hole when its all said and done. You think you can walk away from that greggy (intense hatred)? You dont get to walk away from me you stuck little piggy. You dont get to quit on me greggy weggy. Ill see you burn first you little snot nosed pup.

Gregory: Help me God…save me (shaking, sweating, broken)

Gavreel: (no longer bound and no longer bleeding and scarred she puts her finger on his head and says “Follow me”.

Uncle Bale: Ill find you greggy….I love the way you taste…I can smell you for miles and ill be under your bed waiting for you to kill again. Ill be waiting…me and all your girls(slow backing up shot of the uncle and the arms of girls reaching out as the camera pans out) hehehehehe…i love you.

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