The Mandalorian vs Boba Fett (Fan Fiction)

Context- This story is told under the premise that Mando is a purist, orthodox Mandalorian whereas Boba Fett does not hold to the same beliefs or tenets.

Boba uses the armor as a tool whereas Mando lives the armor and its creed. Mando is a cleric or even paladin figure and Boba Fett though amazingly gifted a warrior, is an elite mercenary, with no moral compass. Boba is a creature of ego, as opposed to Mando, who is a creature forged of identity and selfless purpose. This ironic and fundamental difference between the two could foster a rivalry as profound as Batman and the Joker. Light versus darkness.

-Interaction between Boba Fett and Mando-

Mando scanned the dark perimeter of a lush green Glenn on Endor’s equator. The darkness had one small ring of a camp fire that glowed and pulsed and gave birth to many shadows. Boba Fett sat in front of the camp fire drinking and reliving his great exploits in his mind, chuckling to himself every so often. He knew Mando would come. He was waiting for him.

Mando dispensed with concealment, wanting to be seen. Allowing himself to be seen. But as a point of skill, walked into the fire light without a sound. Boba helmet off, took one last swig of dargelian whiskey, smirked and plopped his helmet on. Drunk, but with murderous promise Boba said, “Welcome, traveller!”

Mando looked down and scowled under his helmet at this grotesque pretender to what he loved so dear. “You don’t deserve to wear that.”

“So you keep saying.” Boba fett corked his whiskey and scratched his crotch. “I think the Mandalorian I beat would disagree….oh wait he’s dead, hehe.”

“You wanted an answer. You wanted to know if I would help you on a job.”

“Boba Fett sneered through his helmet and said, “Where’s Baby Bastard Yoda?”

Mando paused and steadied himself before answering. “Where’s your father?”

Boba stood up and approached mando and closed in, helmet to helmet so they could see each other’s eyes. “Put your hands up.”

Mando threw 3 punches all intended to be blocked, and ended with a downward head butt that clanged his helmet and bloodied Boba’s nose. Blood dripped from the wound visibly beneath his helmet in a black drip from the fire light.

Mando disengaged and stepped a few feet back and circled, he pulled a blade out of his right shoulder that Boba had slipped in upon the headbutt perfectly timed. Boba howled with laughter.

Singing birds erupted from Mando’s wrist launcher and Boba immediately engaged his jet pack and shot a line around Mando’s ankle whisking him into the night sky.

The singing birds exploded on massive Endorian trees felling some as Mando twisted in Boba’s ascent. Mando engaged his pack and executed an upper cut that sent Boba sprawling to the ground. Boba landed and backed away, scrambling.

Mando landed before him in the campfire light in super hero pose. He stalked forward with his arm outstretched and liquid flame shot from his wrist. A fireball of death loomed forward.

Boba in a heart beat raised his arm and fired from his gauntlet a cryo spray that froze the massive fireball. The now frozen fire ball hit the ground like a massive Boulder of granite. The thud shook the nearby earth. Boba raised his blaster rifle and fired 3 bolts before a throwing dagger grenade lodged into his rifle. Boba discarded it and charged Mando.

The rifle exploded and mando charged forward to meet Boba Fett.

Boba fainted low appearing to go for a double leg take down but then at the last second, jet pack engaged, rose with a devastating knee.

Mando saw it coming.

He had drilled with his Mandalorian caretaker endlessly as child, in the darkness when all hope was lost. When his need to see his murdered mother and father was more than his need for water, still he trained. He knew his opponent.

Mando felt the strike coming. He spun with a burst of his jetback not off the ground, but like a top and connected with three devastating elbow strikes.

Boba’s visor cracked and his blood shot eye was visible through a hole. One eye gazing out in abject hatred, but on his back. Mando stood before him, but Boba needed him closer for his final attack.

“Is it true what they say about you Mando? Once or twice, before the little green kid, you were worse than me.”

Mando like a wraith stepped closer, with a need building in himself to end the poison coming from Boba’s mouth forever. To rid the galaxy of it.

“Yeah Mando, there are alot of Mercs out there, who still remember who you were, who you really are. How sadistic you were, how cold.” From a hidden sleeve sewn into his glove and slight of hand, Boba fiddled out an acid burst capsule. It was his last one. Very hard to come by. Production of the weapon had ceased long ago when times were far more brutal than today. It was to be used only in a time of extreme emergency.

In the fire light, as Mando approached Boba’s deceptively beaten and prostrate form his one visible eye gleamed like a distant sun going supernova.

Boba, faster than the eye could perceive, rolled forward and threw with all his might the acid capsule. A smile creeped a deep dark line across his face at the horror and high pitched screaming that was about to begin.

Mando raised his hand. The capsule stopped in mid flight and exploded. The acid followed the path that the force shield carved. Mando, in his mind, made a flat wall. The bright green acid slimed down the invisible wall and collected at its base smoking and devouring itself into a deep dark hole.

Boba stood stunned at the power of the force he had just witnessed. From behind, baby Yoda flipped from tree to tree like a pinball infused with cosmic energy and landed on Mando’s Shoulder. In the bird like voice of a child he said, “I can take you in warm, or I can take you in cold.”

Mando smiled inside his helmet, “That’s my line, son.”

Baby Yoda laughed and force lifted Boba’s struggling form to the ship. Once put in place in the cargo hold, Mando flipped a switch with his mind and Boba’s promise of revenge was blotted out by the sound of the Carbonite as it solidified.

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