At 7:20 Max Spiers speaks on the inversion of altruistic organizations and people. He eludes to it being an elaborate but very esoteric ritual done by very public and powerful figures.

Max was murdered for the price of bringing to the world secrets of the powerful and occult fueled players of this chess board we live on.

If what Max is saying is true, all major mainstream movements, especially those thrust into the conciousness of the world by the mainstream media, is a part of this “reversal” as he put it.

Consider #Antifa for a moment. It claims to be antifascist and its more brainwashed followers will argue this point relentlessly, but if we ponder their intolerance to any and all rebuttals or counter points of view we see the truth of their organization. They claim altruistic rebellion against authoritarian regimes, but that is the very thing they want to put in place. An intolerant regime that crushes any opposition with violence.

Many propaganda factories otherwise known as mainstream media outlets, have been equating big antifa protests to how soldiers stormed the beaches of normandy to fight the fascist nazis. By their violent and intolerant actions, antifa bears a closer resemblance to the Nazis then they could ever achieve with hardened selfless and fearless soldiers. I am a #UsArmyVeteran and it sickens me when traitorous “toilet papers of record” make this comparison (Gerald Celente).

Reversal. Inversion. The priest who is supposed to open us to the divine is the man who molests children and who thrusts them into darkness. The womb. Motherhood. The divine feminine. Turned on its head to hate instead of nurture, through third wave feminism, to deny their importance to the universe. The womb. The safest place, for new life has been turned into a slaughter house where most babies are killed, harvested for organs and stem cells or cells harvested for vaccine manufacture…

Barrack Obama. The first African American President. He caused a genocide of North Africans in libya and called it a kinetic action. He later went on on to win a Nobel “Peace” prize. Let that sink in…

He also is a huge supporter of #PlannedParenthood who in turn is responsible for 52% of African American babies never to be born in this country ( Blackgenocide.org ).

Inversion. An inverted cross represents the highest disrespect of the christian god. It turns the cross on its head and has been a symbol of evil for centuries.

Inversion and reversal is more than it seems. I believe it is a ritual of high magic. I submit to you that at the very least it is destabilizing our consciousness. Time will tell to what end.

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