#AEW vs #NXT crowdless Review

I like it. Aew has far outdone wwe in this regard. It’s like watching a combination of intimate theater and indy prowrestling. It’s a breath of fresh air and even benefits wwe though so far their showing rerun matches is an example of uncreativity. I love it. It makes the promo’s so much better orContinue reading “#AEW vs #NXT crowdless Review”

#CoronaVirus Bayonne, Nj 03/20/2020

I have yet to see a human die in the street from it. I know no one with it. Though constantly I have been beat over the head with imagery and horrific details on the horrendous death of drowning in your own puss filled phlegm. It’s a tragedy. All my life atheists have told meContinue reading “#CoronaVirus Bayonne, Nj 03/20/2020”

Mu mu mu my #CoronaVirus

My personal opinion is that a bio weapon has been released. When testing is finally over every one will be infected. It’s a nano tech remote controlled kill bug. I normally write fiction…and yes this dire reality that lay before us seems like the coming of the anti christ who will offer a cure soContinue reading “Mu mu mu my #CoronaVirus”

ProWrestling Reviews #AEW vs #NXT

My fellow humans, from this day on as my form of nonviolent protest, until Vince McMahon steps down, I will no longer review Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. Those shows are far inferior to #NXT and #AEW. NXT and AEW will get my full attention. I also feel the need to notify you all thatContinue reading “ProWrestling Reviews #AEW vs #NXT”

#HIAC Hell In A Cell Review 10/06/19

First let me air my grievances a bit. I have to get this out or some jaws may get broken tomorrow. When during your main event the crowd organically hijacks your show and chants “Restart the Match” and then chants your competition’s name there is a big problem Vince. More on this later. I gradeContinue reading “#HIAC Hell In A Cell Review 10/06/19”

#sdlive SmackDown Live Debut on Fox more of the same shit

🙁… This is the reason we change the channel Vince. This show was complete trash. The only thing this show as well as #raw proved is that #nxt is #wwe ‘s only hope. If you missed this show, kofi jobbed and took one f5 to lose the title. No story progression. No entertainment. I thinkContinue reading “#sdlive SmackDown Live Debut on Fox more of the same shit”

#AEWvsNXT #WednesdayNightDynamite

There is so much to write about. The exuberance, the adulation of being a fan right now and witnessing of prowrestling greatness is a dream come true. I watched #AEW and #NXT on a pirated site because times are tough and a cable bill doesn’t jive with the moths in my wallet. So I askContinue reading “#AEWvsNXT #WednesdayNightDynamite”

#AEWvsNXT @jdfromny206 never lets the iwc community down

The war has officially begun and all with the keen mind and sharp wit of @jdfromny206. I’m a total mark of his to preface this, but his voice will be a beacon of light under these times where the casual fan will transform, like a butterfly from a cocoon, into a hardcore fan, because ofContinue reading “#AEWvsNXT @jdfromny206 never lets the iwc community down”