Hospital Stay #2

It’s sad to have all your worldly possessions reduced to what you have in your pockets, as you are wheeled about hoping you are not forgotten like an unloved potted plant in the corner. I’m not a fan of this. I dread the powerlessness and more so I dread the unknown. I dread waiting toContinue reading “Hospital Stay #2”

#AEWvsNXT …”and in one night”

All it took was one night for the true “A” brand to take its role as the “Main” show of #WWE . #NXT is number one (just like Ramses). The war is legit on and Papa Triple H should be proud of his bouncing baby juggernaut. #AEW will be hard pressed to top what weContinue reading “#AEWvsNXT …”and in one night””

The Chess Board #1

Is it real? Is any of this real? Life? Death? Taxes? I just keep running into the same block in the rat maze. Two opposing opinions. Both can be aimed at the wielder and used as a weapon. Be wary what weapons are brought to a fight. They can be used against you if suchContinue reading “The Chess Board #1”

#WWECreative : The Return of Paul Ellering

Authors of Pain are in the ring after a commercial break. Drake Maverick has the microphone and says, “We’ve been slighted and the AOP won’t stand for this! We are the biggest dogs in this yard! You don’t piss in the wind and you dont take food from a couple rabid dogs! ” Rezar andContinue reading “#WWECreative : The Return of Paul Ellering”

Ghosts want blood not batteries

This is a quick thought I wanted to jot down as I WAs watching one of my favorite shows, Ghost Adventures more specifically, Halloween live episode. The jacob’s ladder and emfpump didnt seem to charge anything. Under the constraints of a live broadcast though it was doomed to fail. Time is a constraint of theContinue reading “Ghosts want blood not batteries”

Looking For Inspiration

The worst thing in the world sometimes is having no outlet for a world that seems mad. In an inverted society one must have something to vent and take out one’s frustrations. Im getting older. Nearing 40. My most creative and artistic years seem so far behind me. Im writing this for so sheer theContinue reading “Looking For Inspiration”