“The Journey”

“The Journey” By Hector M. Rivera 4/5/2012 A shrouded hood covers lips that wished and wished to steal a kiss, from balcony up high and laden with clouds with dreams of princess missed. On moonlit paths of danger near the shrouded hood darts here and there, always quick as lightning spent, to catch a glimpseContinue reading ““The Journey””

“I Am a Man Out Of Time”

“I am a Man Out Of Time” by Hector M. Rivera 9/11/2012 I am a man out of time, though not really, for then there should have been a time I could claim. A time of absent bloodshed, a time of nurtured bliss, where babies do not daily feel the scalpel’s burning kiss. A timeContinue reading ““I Am a Man Out Of Time””

“F— You Lucifer”

I know I am supposed to forgive you, Yet children murdered is what brings you glee. A God in heaven weeps for the predator who cannot see. Why do I live in this rotten shanty Of a world of baby’s screams eternal? A lesson must be learned of those who have been murdered, icy. IContinue reading ““F— You Lucifer””

“So Much Unknown”

“So Much Unknown” By Hector M. Rivera 9/19/2013 Which foot did step first to you, if indeed I did step foot, whom will see me coming, and if you see me come, which step will hit earth first? Will you see me blush first? Will you taste my thirst, will you see the owl glideContinue reading ““So Much Unknown””

“The Well”

“The Well” By Hector M. Rivera 3/31/2012 I fell and fell way down the well and plunged into the water. The freezing grip made me forget the villains who put me under. Shivering, I clawed and screamed my hope to save myself, Yet all that heard my cries of Hell bounced back way down theContinue reading ““The Well””

“I did not see thee Death”

“I did not see thee Death” by Hector M. Rivera 4/18/2012 I did not see thee death, as you stalked through distant lands, you swooped so subtly low that blood ran cold to lead. Men of courage forged of tougher stuff, meandered down to darkened pits of rough and tumble bluffs. If you had claimedContinue reading ““I did not see thee Death””

“The Last Good Man”

“The Last Good Man” 4/8/2012 by Hector M. Rivera The last good man was 32 years old and tied down to a gurney. It wasn’t a hospital that was his home, but a deep underground military base. His captors had been testing him for weeks. He, like his unfortunate comrades were special forces troops, otherwiseContinue reading ““The Last Good Man””

“Apologies Profound”

“Apologies Profound” by Hector M. Rivera 4/5/2012 Would that I could spare thee son from dragons of my youth, who squatted down upon my choice and rended it straight through. If I could strangle demons with gauntlet hands for days, the tragedy of your pain would disappear decades. One Dragon in particular her teeth stillContinue reading ““Apologies Profound””

“Ode to the Mosquito” (with disdain for government)

“Ode to the Mosquito” (with disdain to government) By Hector M. Rivera riverahm919@hotmail.com 10/4/13 A mosquito has sunk his rotten Bite, the paths of Academe are his delight. On pensive brow I feel that I could birth a proper axe to cleave his global blight, and rid the world of bloody jaws and bloody warsContinue reading ““Ode to the Mosquito” (with disdain for government)”