John The Shepherd

John The Shepherd by Hector M. Rivera Prologue The hooded figure darted from shadow to shadow blanketed by a bright noon day. The gutted torn buildings gave birth to crooked shadows like some demented Dr. Suess nightmare. Empty rusted cars provided his cover as he slowly neared his prize. It was being guarded by aContinue reading “John The Shepherd”

The Cracking Egg

The Cracking Egg Ben was a dependable man. Always on time, always in full uniform. Every gory detail that came down from his superiors was followed and executed to complete perfection. He completed his missions even when he began to have trouble sleeping. His mind screamed out and banged around his skull like a racquetContinue reading “The Cracking Egg”

Hospital Stay #2

It’s sad to have all your worldly possessions reduced to what you have in your pockets, as you are wheeled about hoping you are not forgotten like an unloved potted plant in the corner. I’m not a fan of this. I dread the powerlessness and more so I dread the unknown. I dread waiting toContinue reading “Hospital Stay #2”

Looking For Inspiration

The worst thing in the world sometimes is having no outlet for a world that seems mad. In an inverted society one must have something to vent and take out one’s frustrations. Im getting older. Nearing 40. My most creative and artistic years seem so far behind me. Im writing this for so sheer theContinue reading “Looking For Inspiration”

“I Am a Man Out Of Time”

“I am a Man Out Of Time” by Hector M. Rivera 9/11/2012 I am a man out of time, though not really, for then there should have been a time I could claim. A time of absent bloodshed, a time of nurtured bliss, where babies do not daily feel the scalpel’s burning kiss. A timeContinue reading ““I Am a Man Out Of Time””