“A Lizard”

I’ve been a lizard before, in a desert. A wollowing drunk waiting for rain. Sky gets dark, The rumble of the thunder is near. The earh plays the pitter patter. A lizard cant run fast enough when the deluge comes. I need higher ground to breathe. Ive been there, baking in the sun. Not AContinue reading ““A Lizard””

“Profound Apologies”

It was I young one, it was I, who paved the road for you. No dragon adorned the mantle of your ruin as I’ve shown. No knight sits boldly cleaving blight to save you from this land. An old and bitter man remains, An old and bitter night, so cold it seeps in darkened shadows,Continue reading ““Profound Apologies””

“Upon watching the Power of Man”

From up on high they scurry like ants. From down low they stride into battle like gods. Hephaestus adorns them with arms and the daily toils of the meek mean nothing to the generals of the new and of the old. Lucifer’s children and all their pomp and circumstance are still ants to the almighty.Continue reading ““Upon watching the Power of Man””

“When Winter Sets Too Fast”

“When Winter Sets Too Fast” By Hector M. Rivera 12/3/14 A winter came to the deep green wood, and so cruel and quick it was, that every daffodil it met it froze to stone with merriment. And youngling birds in deepened nests stared powerless, at the great white brute as it trampled on their playgroundsContinue reading ““When Winter Sets Too Fast””

“A slice of my heart, good Sir?”

“A slice of my heart, good Sir?” By Hector M. Rivera 11/7/2013 A slice of my heart, good Sir? The contents are Sweet and Bloody. I dig the graves where bodies lay, from far and wide thieves plunder. It must appear quite foul to thee The sword and arrows dangle, the rotten meat oozes beadsContinue reading ““A slice of my heart, good Sir?””