Pre-Destination How did I end up here? My body is burned and I’m laying in a dumpster. I’m too weak to scream out for help. Who would help me anyway? Even God’s own advice was repugnant too me. No self respecting three piece suit could even stand to smell me let alone help me. MostContinue reading “Pre-Destination”

Hospital Stay #2

It’s sad to have all your worldly possessions reduced to what you have in your pockets, as you are wheeled about hoping you are not forgotten like an unloved potted plant in the corner. I’m not a fan of this. I dread the powerlessness and more so I dread the unknown. I dread waiting toContinue reading “Hospital Stay #2”

Looking For Inspiration

The worst thing in the world sometimes is having no outlet for a world that seems mad. In an inverted society one must have something to vent and take out one’s frustrations. Im getting older. Nearing 40. My most creative and artistic years seem so far behind me. Im writing this for so sheer theContinue reading “Looking For Inspiration”