The Last Good Man

The Last Good Man

by Hector M. Rivera

The last good man was 32 years old and tied down to a gurney. It wasn’t a hospital that was his home, but a deep underground military base. His captors had been testing him for weeks. He, like his unfortunate comrades were special forces troops, otherwise known as lab rats. Sadly, he, like his comrades, followed orders unquestioningly and saw the hypodermic needle they offered not as a gross and inhuman violation, but just another fear to conquer. He was a brave man and a noble man and his courage was matched only by his profound naiveté. The last good man was a hero to the nation and given a hero’s welcome. Each one had been given the top secret treatment and each one had reacted according to the predicted outcome.

Some of the soldiers did not show the tell tale signs of each attempt right away. Some of the men would descend into delirium whispering the names of their sons and daughters and others spoke of dark shadows chasing them. Some of the men, now reduced to shaking and shivering boys, even called for their mommies. The transformations occurred immediately after the flat lines blazed across the computer screens, to which their vitals were being monitored. First the death rattle would rasp out of the mouth of the deceased joe and then a violent convulsion. The scientists had seen it before and were not really inclined to rush into the very sparse room. All that lay in it was the gurney, the heart monitor and the thrashing of what should have been a corpse. The injection they had given him was mercury like and black as pitch. It was a blob of gloom in that horse needle they so lovingly shared with their volunteer.

The man’s eyes turned as black as the mouth of a cave that led to hell. His veins bulged out a freakish green. His skin took on a translucent hue. The look of the toxic veins along with his sweaty and pale skin was a mockery of the person this creature used to be. His muscles grew with the black sludge that now sloshed through his giant throbbing veins. A roar escaped his lips that would have shaken any jungle and caused trickles of urine down the legs to any alpha-male in the forest.

The scientists looked on, not even the hint of sweat on their brows. Their lab coats so pristine white, that in their darkened observation room they could have been mistaken for ghosts, forced to walk the halls of where they committed their most heinous crimes. They looked on and their pupils could not be seen in the dark room. The glare of monitors and fluorescent light against their spectacles, made them all seem to possess large white ovals instead of eyes. They looked on.

The creature strained and strained and now the thing so much stronger from the injection of dark death seemed to make his gurney explode. Nothing hung from his limbs but the eviscerated remnants of his bonds. The creature stared across the room and knew his captors were on the other side of the one way mirror. He could smell them. He charged across the room, slightly stumbling on the debris of the gurney and walloped the mirror with his now bulging arms. The window did not give.

On the other side the lead scientist named Dr. Murphy did not even flinch as the behemoth slammed against the sneaky window to his torments. He merely said, “Eliminate him.” A yellow gas began to flood the room of the monster’s last moments un-alive. The monster looked at the gas as if an enemy had entered the room and he retreated to the furthest part of the space from it. Seconds later the entire room was flooded and a curious vision presented itself to the scientists. The beast began to melt. First the hair began to smoke. Then the skin seemed to liquify and drop off like an over used soap dispenser. Before his muscles followed suit, his hands went up to cover his face. His eyeballs burst and leaked through his disappearing fingers.

The beast let out a scream. His final and most fierce of them, as certainly the beast must have sensed that even his un-death’s death had arrived. The roar seemed to dissipate into a bubble of regurgitated internal organs that crept up the creatures throat and then nothing. Just a bubbling goo on the floor.

Dr. Murphy looked pleased. “The experiment was a complete success folks.” He said this with the warmest of smiles. “With the use of this gas we can insure the defeat of any insurrection by our invading hord force. We have solved several military related drawbacks. Now with the injection, we can make a nearly impervious offensive juggernaut. Once the compartmentalized special forces soldier breeches enemy lines, he will give himself the shot. Upon taking the shot he will undergo the change we just witnessed. What you did not see is that once the change takes place the carrier of the injection has a hundred percent communicability of the injection dispersed through his pores. Once one of the opposition force is infected all will follow suit and when all are converted, we fly over the enemy-converted, and spray the yellow solution gas and viola…military campaigns are literally ended with a mop.”

Some clapping erupted from behind the scientists in the observation room. It emanated from the shadows and eerily grew in volume as it approached from its dark shadowy blanket. A four star general appeared from the gloom followed by his roach like entourage. “Well done Dr. Murphy. This operation is a complete success. My superiors will surely be pleased.” It appeared to Dr. Murphy that a stiff handshake was headed his way but all that erupted from the hand of the general was gunfire.

The Cracking Egg

The Cracking Egg

Ben was a dependable man. Always on time, always in full uniform. Every gory detail that came down from his superiors was followed and executed to complete perfection. He completed his missions even when he began to have trouble sleeping. His mind screamed out and banged around his skull like a racquet ball tournament.

Still he quieted this voice. Still he persevered and pushed through the gnawing in his mind. He’d perfected this for years. Even before his career in private security blossomed into a lucrative venture. It was his attention to detail that made him such a success, but more so was his ability to withstand any and all foreign elements that might make others explode. Ben Maintained his discipline even with a gun in his face.

All he had to do was store it away in the deep dark pit of his soul. He could not know that every dark thing he stowed down there was staining the walls black. They visibly writhed around like some monstrous lurking creature spawned from hell itself.

All the darkness that was stored away was potential energy that by the laws of the universe dictate could not be destroyed, so in his soul it sat…incubating and growing and yearning for release. It was like an obscene pregnancy. The pangs of birth were not so far in the distance. It was a drum that throbbed in his mind.

Sometimes when he would walk the same hallway enough…for perhaps the hundredth time that day during his routine patrols, the glare from the marble disturbed him. Maybe it was lack of sleep but the hallway would almost turn like a pinwheel in the distance. It was like an endless infinite vortex to nothingness. Like an endless road waiting for him to drop dead, for the road would never end and as it veered slightly it mocked him.

Still he completed his daily tasks and drills and all he had to do was store bad moments away into his darkening soul to accomplish his mission.

One particular contract led Ben to patrol a high rise sky scraper top to bottom. It was the home of an important economic juggernaut. Thus his presence and tireless work ethic was required and it also payed handsomely. No wife, no kids so the money he made went far.

One endless hallway led to another and there wasn’t even a shred of paranormal activity to spice things up. No…all that was here were the empty chairs of the living, long gone home to their families while he stalked the grand great castle in the city.

Ben had nothing to ponder but the nightmare of the previous evening. He was walking these halls but this time filled with people. The hustle and bustle of the floors was deafening to him. He eventually sat in the cafeteria and the noise of its inhabitants rose steadily in his mind.

One in particular, a young piggy born of a weak generation was speaking extra loudly. Like a squealing pig howling profanities. His own laughter propelled food and spittle from his mouth. People around him ignored him and continued their conversations. The squeal began to become unignorable. It was a thorn in Ben’s mind tearing grey matter. In ben’s brain the drum began to bang louder and louder. It grew so loud it was blotting out the sound of the squealing pig.

Ben was a man of action but this time it was auto pilot that brought him to his feet and approach the young pig. Before ben realized to stop himself he was standing at the table of the loud little pig. He hid a fork in the young man’s eye and twisted visciouly until he heard a metallic grind against bone and then snap. Silence erupted all around him and then the sounds of squealing pigs everywhere. The young pig looked up howling in pain and obviously in shock at Ben standing there with the blackest grin you’ve ever seen. The darkness in his soul was erupting from his smile.

Dark red blood poured out of the young pigs eye hole as nestled deeply was the business end of a steel fork in the socket. John picked up his un used silver knife to begin to saw at his throat. Hot blood hit Ben’s face and he awoke quite calm.

He pondered the nightmare as he ascended the tower of economic power. The absence of people in the building was comforting to him and his thoughts began to progress to one of a more internal healing ,before it was shattered by the sound of high pitched inebriated laughter emanating from the executive wing at the top of the building. Ben turned into a long hallway with a large black door at the end of it. Tribal masks and decor hung on the walls leading to the big black door. He was helpless at the pull of it. The darkness inside of him was drawn to the great door.

Laughter turned to a scream and Ben’s footfalls fell at a more rapid rate and echoed in the red wallpapered hallway. He kicked in the door and there completely naked was a man in his thirties. The ultimate yuppy. He held a cattle prod in his right hand, electric arcs sputtering. There before the business man was a 3 ft black cage with two children inside. One was unconcious in the fetal position and the other was pleading for help in a foreign tongue. Both children looked starved and bore old scars.

“Hey, Kids the Milk Man’s here!”
The conscious one began to sob and rub his bottom.

The yuppie man was drenched in demonic energy. “Milk enemas never get old!” He winked at Ben. Ben on autopilot again took out his knife. A dark little thing with no glint or shine. It was as dark as his soul. He showed the yuppie man the blade.

“I totally approve. I’ll pay extra if I can kill the passed out one. The loud one I want more fun with.”

Ben shuddered at the man’s erection. How could a human being derive sexual pleasure from hurting a child? Ben’s soul was black but after meeting the yuppie scum there were deeper levels to the abyss that the naked eye could not behold.

The Rapist was looking for the keys to unlock the cage when Ben’s blade pierced his had to his outer thigh. His eyes widened like the realization of an infant when mommy or daddy can achieve anger. Blood and urine ran down his leg and he began to tremble. He began to shriek like all his victims had when the realization hit them that their life would soon end at the hands of a killer.

With one arm immobilized Ben could focus on the right knee. A forward kick unbuckled his knee cap and he collapsed forward like a demented flamengo. The Yuppie began to plead with his remaining good arm. “Please stop, stop…I’m not well…I have a disease!!!!”.

The boys in the cage raged their fist at him and though they spoke a foreign tongue, Ben knew they required the yuppie to be sent to hell. He granted their wish. He unpinned the pig’s hand and plunged the blade deep into his throat under his chin and carved upward till the pig’s chin got in the way and he sawed on that for a while till he realized he needed to tidy up.

The boys were freed and given cab fare to a hospital. The body was thrown into the building’s incinerator. The blood was mopped away with generous portions of bleach for the problem areas.

The phone rang in the immense office and Ben picked it up without hesitation. An old man’s voice sounded through the receiver. “You’re hired young man. I represent an ancient organization who could use a chap like you. Mr. Tillsdale, the man you dispatched was beginning to be a problem, but there you were descending from the heavens like Lucifer himself. You did us a great service and we do not forget good deeds nor bad ones for that matter.”

Ben, now off auto pilot and very aware of what was afoot, kept things in perspective. ” Do you have dental?”

Give Your Worship to Your Father in Heaven and not to #Covid19

I attached the link above and honor the research and fellowship these two brothers in Jesus Christ offer the world.

“Fear not; God is with you.” – Saint Padre Pio

Saint Michael, defend us in battle!

In all humility I feel the lord Jesus Christ has put it in my heart to address a great and terrible idolatry that faces our condemned times. This virus that has been given birth by the untold billions of unborn and born, sacrificed daily to “the prince” lucifer, is being blindly followed and worshipped by humanity into oblivion.

St. Matthew 7:15-16

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them…

Consider this for a moment. The vaccine to combat this virus is made from the corpse of a murdered child and this is the highest form of loyalty that the prince requires for your allegiance to him. The very virus itself has locked us in our houses and made us to bow and kneel at the very altar of fear.

Saint John 14:27

Peace I leave with you: my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled: nor let it be afraid.

Here we are given a great example on the characteristics of this world and its “prince”, (lucifer) as he “…goes round about the earth walking through it” (Job 1:7). And every step and every breath of his is fear. The passage also illustrates the freedom and liberty your father in heaven offers in its stead. As evidenced in the following passage.

Saint Matthew 7:9-11

Or what man is there among you, of whom if his son shall ask bread, will he reach him a stone? Or if he shall ask him a fish, will he reach him a serpent? If you then being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children: how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?

If fear is our enemy’s weapon, than we must be reassured in these times and our faith must be unwavering. Our father in heaven did just that. He saved us and reaches his hands to us daily. Do not run from his embrace.

There are two kingdoms at war. The kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of Light, no matter how you define yourself. I say this in all humility and supplication because I am a sinner. I am not worthy of any of his mercy or gifts that he’s given and I see it everyday. I see the fruits of his loving and healing embrace everyday. You will too.

But first resist the fear the world and its prince wishes to bind you with. This is our ultimate defense:

Isaias 54:17

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper: and every tongue that resisteth thee in judgment, thou shalt condemn. This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord and their justice with me, saith the Lord.

The time for the division of our Lord’s church is at an end. Now more than ever we must do away with the divisions that have been thrust on us and come together as brothers and sisters in christ and oppose the prince and his kingdom of darkness. Some call this emergence “the underground church” but in all honesty and love, it is the enemy who sees us this way.

Our father in heaven knows that what emerges to stand up to the prince and his forces is the real catholic church, the spiritual sort, which can not be named or done justice by any human pen or mouth. It is our fathers church and we are lucky to have a home.

I love you all, but God will not be mocked. The war is here and now. Saint Michael defend us in battle!

(The Bible I chose to use was the Douay-Rheims version, But fear not. Every passage I chose, can be found in the King James. I use and love them both. Peace be with you my family.)

“The Dark Side of the Ring” ep-2 season- 3 New Jack Review

No spoilers from me. I have been stuck upon a quandary though as I gazed into 2 black pools promising death other wise known as New Jack’s eyes. It’s mesmerizing.

This was filmed long ago and much time has passed and yet as I watched it I began to psych myself up as if I was about to face New Jack himself. I was trying to “hulk” myself up and not look away when his cobra eyes dug daggers into the camera.

Its unexplainable. It feels unexplainable.

I’ll leave you the reader with this. Watch this episode but beware the hooks that will tear into you.

The last scene paints the picture of an old wheelchair bound New Jack laughing maniacally describing a coke binge, his eyes darker than the white powdered coke up his nose. Inside me I felt the way Batman does as he leaves the Joker’s cell. His laughter promising more slaughter as he will undoubtedly escape into his nightmares. You walk away hearing New Jack’s laughter like the granite top of a crypt sealing his next victim forever.


Notice how the new deep state tactic against #trump will be for deep state controlled governors to hold their states hostage and lie about the numbers to hurt him come election time. I have not isolated myself as my would be masters have decreed and all I see is happy families being with each other, out and free.

I see some weak minded scared out of their britches people who can’t tell when someone is lying to them but the majority of the people here where I am are happy and going about life yet slightly happier.

I think we’re happier because we kind of know for many of this child eating scum, the chickens are coming home to roost and before the bullets burst their skulls, we can feel victory. Justice has finally come for the droves of slain murdered children used as food or worse as Phil Schneider revealed before he was murdered.

The other technique they use is to paint the global outbreak map red so psychologically when voting time comes you’ll want to turn the world blue. Magic right before your eyes. Resist the deep state folks, they harvest adrenochrome from children. They are the worst of the worst.

They are the bully who tortured you and physically abused you as a bright eyed and pure hearted child. They are the wife beaters. They are the goblins in the night that tried to slay the divine feminine and use magic to make women hate themselves and make women believe that all males hated them. They are the kitten killers. They are the puppies in pillow sacks thrown over the side of the overpass of highways with glee sort of folks.

They warehouse the millions of runaways and kidnapped children to harvest them for food, adreno chrome or trauma based mind controlled hitmen and sex slave spies.

Justice is finally coming for them. I’ll play my guitar as they die but I wish I had a fiddle as their empire burns.

#CoronaVirus 03/21/20 David Icke is Right

The same organizations trying to “help” us are the same people who invented the death panel. Go ahead, google death panel and read between the lines.

Essentially we have a remote controlled drone virus which is a gun to our head to accept the system as our new daddy.

Its Stockholm’s syndrome. Its wife beater syndrome. They want us to love our abuser like a dog once beaten, crawls on its belly back to its master to lick its feet.

This medical system Im Supposed to trust is the same system that believes it’s ok to abort 63 million babies without universal consequence.

I’m a US army veteran who was honorably discharged and was willing to lay down my life as well as take them, to defend the constitution and the people of the United States from all enemies, foreign and “domestic”.

I’m also the product of an Island that was illegally occupied and colonized in Puerto Rico by the tentacles of the New World Order.

I was a star wars storm trooper. A colonized conquered region and then I join the military.

We are all part of the rubbled landscape the new world order has given birth too.

The god of goodness, the god of truth and the god of mercy and justice who they will not be allowed to be named is coming. If not I hope at least he does the avatar thing and imbues the best of us with power to destroy this evil empire.

If you don’t know how bad martial law can get you soon will.

Smackdown Review 03/20/2020

I’m linking my favorite reviewer of #wwe content because he truly is the messiah of the #iwc. Back in the day in #ecw sandman and sabu bled for our sins. Today it is jd who sacrifices himself to review wwe content that is so bad I literally could not get past the intro. Thank God for JD and his many sacrifices for this community of true prowrestling fans.

Wrestlemania from the pc? Not interested. I cancelled my wwe network long ago.