#AEW vs #NXT crowdless Review

I like it. Aew has far outdone wwe in this regard. It’s like watching a combination of intimate theater and indy prowrestling. It’s a breath of fresh air and even benefits wwe though so far their showing rerun matches is an example of uncreativity.

I love it. It makes the promo’s so much better or so much worse. It’s truth you cant hide by turning the volume down on the fans. Also the viewership is going to reflect this.

My prediction is raw and smackdown ratings will fall and aew will reign supreme until Vince leaves and triple h takes over. It’s that simple. Wwe has lost the war already just with originality. Also I love both organizations and I grew up on wwe. This article is not aimed at casuals. This is for the real fans. Shout out to https://www.youtube.com/user/JDfromNY206 of the #IWC his analysis is the most honest and told from the perspective of a life long fan and not the casual.

#CoronaVirus Bayonne, Nj 03/20/2020

I have yet to see a human die in the street from it. I know no one with it. Though constantly I have been beat over the head with imagery and horrific details on the horrendous death of drowning in your own puss filled phlegm.

It’s a tragedy. All my life atheists have told me I am dumb for believing in god because I cannot not see him and only know him through second hand accounts. Now I’m expected to bend over and get raped without romance by Corona Virus.

My family and I are safe and are stocked up on food for about 2 months. As time passes though I am more and more leery of leaving the home just because I would rather not run into a mob and have to end someone because they have no self discipline during crisis. The US Army trained me well to deal with madness around me.

No one I know is sick that I have seen with my own eyes. I have run across just walking older folk coughing their lungs out but it’s still all in tv land.

For the record, my opinion is this is a bio weapon that was released much like the Stephen king story the stand. I recommend it. Watch it free on youtube.

In that movie Lucifer facilitates its release. In the real world it is his devout followers who have released this all on us and again much like that story it will be God, and not a vaccine that saves you.

Keep in mind I am not trying to save your soul. I’m not into proselytizing. That’s between you and your reality.

However the ones who released this are devoutly faithful and their dark father wants your death very very badly. In the end religion has nothing to do with it. You are either good or bad. That’s it. We each know our own hearts.

Enough of that. Today I will be following some of my favorite sources of news and will begin reporting here myself. I follow: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshCsg1YVKli8yBa, Steve Lookner


Fox news, even though I hold them in the same negative esteem as cnn.

I’m most concerned about the increasing infected and death number in NYC as I live so close.Stay safe and also informed and remember resist evil at all costs.

Mu mu mu my #CoronaVirus

My personal opinion is that a bio weapon has been released. When testing is finally over every one will be infected. It’s a nano tech remote controlled kill bug. I normally write fiction…and yes this dire reality that lay before us seems like the coming of the anti christ who will offer a cure so long as you kneel and worship him. The shelves are empty and the political talking heads foment disorder. Get right with god and repent of your sins. My money is, that the man is about to come around.

ProWrestling Reviews #AEW vs #NXT

My fellow humans, from this day on as my form of nonviolent protest, until Vince McMahon steps down, I will no longer review Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. Those shows are far inferior to #NXT and #AEW. NXT and AEW will get my full attention.

I also feel the need to notify you all that I recently #canceledwwenetwork and again will not go back until Vince is gone. I recommend you do the same for the sake of our beloved sport that is ProWrestling. I will occasionally review major #wwe PPV’s but this will not be my focus until vinny mac is gone.

I wish you all well.

#HIAC Hell In A Cell Review 10/06/19

First let me air my grievances a bit. I have to get this out or some jaws may get broken tomorrow.

When during your main event the crowd organically hijacks your show and chants “Restart the Match” and then chants your competition’s name there is a big problem Vince. More on this later.

I grade the matches 1 out of 10. Then I tally up a complete average for my final score.

Lacey vs Natty got a 1. No build equals no respect for the competitors by the great pencil of #wwe. This match could have been erased along with the 24/7 nonsense to add time to other matches. I was not emotionally invested and honestly the wrestlers involved didnt seem so either. It’s a recipe for a bathroom break.

Becky vs Sasha got a 9 from me. I loved the story telling. The risk taking was a breath of fresh air. The meteora spot against the ladder and table was definitely a deserved holy shit moment. I don’t think this fued is over and we’ll be all the better for it. It was great to see chair to face and if #wwe has any hope of touching #aew at this point, the pg era needs to be taken to the lake and drowned in the deepest part Jason Voorhees style.

Oc vs Braun and the War Raiders (I will never call them the viking raiders vince) got a 7. It was a solid match and story telling wise I loved the legitimate threat that was bestowed on the oc. Not every heel is a coward. Not every Heel needs to cheat to win. I’m glad the writers have realized the importance of believable strong heels. It only serves to strengthen the face, if it is chosen that he or she go over.

King Corbin vs Chad Gable got a 3. Slow pace killed this match for me. When a heel has near no charisma and your face is just blah, you may want to rethink your writing. Yet another bathroom break for the fan that couldn’t stop chugging the over priced beer in the arena.

Charlotte vs Bailey got an 8. I am always impressed by Bailey and in my opinion is the best pure prowrestler of all the #horsewomen. Sasha definitely creates oh shit moments, but Bailey to me is the #ArnAnderson of the group. I was intrigued by the end and how distraught Bailey was. I hope this is a sign that a reboot of her character is coming and she is allowed to embrace the dark side like Io Shirai of #nxt. Time to lose that stupid pony tail and let us see a character with some substance. Charlotte is a 10 time champ and I’m not surprised. The figure 8 is as protected a move as the Rko. I think even #BrockLesnar would tap to it at this point.

The 24/7 segments got scored a 1 because it is useless trash that should be burned in a dumpster.

Seth Rollins vs The Fiend, Bray Wyatt got a 1. Originally when I still thought Vince wasn’t completely off the deep end, and a title change was destined to occur I was gonna grade it a 10. Everything about the match screamed of something new and original. The lighting was a level of hell only experienced In children’s vivid nightmares. The unstoppable force of the fiend gripped the crowd into a blood lust frenzy for him to capture the universal title, and then a ref decides to call for the bell and end the match amidst a contest where there are no fucking rules. If there are no fucking rules and you just saw clown god eat 15 fucking curb stomps and we’ve all willingly suspended disbelief for the pure entertainment of the match, why would the ref call for the bell? Clown God should have won and the crowd sure let you hear it didn’t they Vinny. All those “#aew ” chants surely did not fall on deaf ears. All those “restart the match” war cries should keep you up tonight because Wednesday is coming and the universe is about to abandon you. This match went from a 10 to a 1. Please watch it so you can share in my pain and frustration. Perhaps we can lament togethor over too much whiskey. I can only hope.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs Rowan and Luke Harper scored a 9 for me. I really enjoyed this match. Of course Bryan and Luke Harper were the stars for me in this one. Their intensity and chemistry echoed in my mind and I day dreamed about what could have been were they ever allowed to have a fued for a major title.

Randy Orton vs Ali got a 4. Other than the block of the Rko nothing of note occurred. It was the third #Bathroom break of the evening.

Lastly, because I watched the matches out of order, was the Kabuki Warriors vs Alexa Bliss and Nikki cross. I graded it as a 9. The resurrection of Asuka is far from over but at least the commentary team got the ball rolling by listing her epic accomplishments. Her feats transcended both the Male and Female divisions and honestly I can’t remember the last person to do that. Kairi is growing as an entertainer besides her already impeccable wrestling acumen. The march to the corner that led to the eye poke for one had me laughing out loud. It reminded me of something Rowdy Roddy Piper would have done. I loved it. The green mist has been added to the already Godlike appeal of Asuka and honestly a big part of me wants her to unify the women’s titles like she was destined to do. Becky did it first but Asuka deserves an epic accomplishment. If anybody deserves 10 title reigns in the business its Asuka. Charlotte couldn’t lace up her boots and she is lucky her grand daddy didn’t pull out or else we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Nepotism is a mother fucker.

The Final average for #HIAC is a 5.2 out of 10.

Let that sink in. If #WWE doesn’t get their shit togethor and soon (get the pencil away from Vince and give it to Triple H!!) This new war could end very differently than the last one.

All you had to do was let the fiend win clean…#smfh

Please check out my favorite youtube voice and mind of the #iwc , @jdfromny206, who I’m sure is about to let out a scathing review of what we all just witnessed.

#sdlive SmackDown Live Debut on Fox more of the same shit

🙁… This is the reason we change the channel Vince. This show was complete trash. The only thing this show as well as #raw proved is that #nxt is #wwe ‘s only hope. If you missed this show, kofi jobbed and took one f5 to lose the title.

No story progression. No entertainment. I think I’m done with #raw and #smackdownlive . Nostalgia segment with the rock was cringy cancerous trash. Don’t waste your time. Support #NXT

#AEWvsNXT #WednesdayNightDynamite

There is so much to write about. The exuberance, the adulation of being a fan right now and witnessing of prowrestling greatness is a dream come true.

I watched #AEW and #NXT on a pirated site because times are tough and a cable bill doesn’t jive with the moths in my wallet. So I ask the question. What was the best match of the night between the battling brands? Please list your choices in the comments below.

Mine with out a doubt was the frenetic 6 man tag at the end of #wednesdaynightdynamite.

Raw is abysmal and smackdown is too, save for Bray Wyatt and Brock Lesnar. Sure there could be a 3 year build of Rey Mysterio’s son toppling the man who brutalized him. A build that could climax at wrestlemania for the title. Dominic is in training and in 3 years it could be a believable achievement if he has one tenth the ability his father has. But this is Vince we’re talking about so no.


#AEWvsNXT @jdfromny206 never lets the iwc community down

The war has officially begun and all with the keen mind and sharp wit of @jdfromny206. I’m a total mark of his to preface this, but his voice will be a beacon of light under these times where the casual fan will transform, like a butterfly from a cocoon, into a hardcore fan, because of the level prowrestling will eventually reach. It’s a great time to be a fan. In his latest video upload on youtube, (https://youtu.be/ckBCetASTMw) he said something that was bouncing around my mind as well.

#NXT is ready for bigger venues. Full sail university is a marvelous womb but the moth has escaped the cocoon. What we witnessed Wednesday from NXT WAS a marvelous display of good writing and top notch performance. We witnessed people who love the sport with every fiber of their being putting it all on the line for us. They deserve a bigger stage.

I myself felt it was a tie and the ratings will show who won by a nose. However, the butterfly of #NXT IS ready for bigger venues. They deserve the roar of a big crowd for what they have given us night in and night out for so long.