You can’t outrun the ghosts of your past.

They lie in wait at the bend in the road,

where your eyes cannot see.

You cannot stand on ground trodden once before.

It crumbles underfoot,

And tumbling one bumbling to last straws once used and let go

the beverage long ago poured.

My energy is fading,

My vision blurring,

And lines are fading

And i shant cross those lines.

I may never return.

But traveling upon the road,

I have found myself this coffin,

This canyon.

The breeze echoes in the distance,

And my jailor drags foot away,

The keys sing of their departure.

My peace is leaving me here,

And without it,

What monster lurks

The murk of tombs and wounds

The mark of leagues of doom.


There’s a code that exists to notify others of the availability of a room’s use. This room inhabits a long abandoned highschool forgotten in the woods.

Those that frequent this facility are young and brash and bored. Sometimes, they are fueled by exotic drink and flower. Sometimes, its just lust. Whatever the gasoline, the youth of the neighboring town of Yeatsburg come here often and often, they come at night.

Derby had a circle of friends that consisted of three. James and Bernerd covered his six. They got bullied together and they rebelled against teachers and parents togethor.

The intoxicating music of the day was the sound track to their disallusionment with society. Rage Against the Machine. Bernerd would say, “There’s just no upward mobility”.

James would turn to him with a devilish look on his face, produce a joint and say, ” You want upward mobility? Smoke this shit”.

Bernerd would comply and so would Derby for that matter. However, Derby was slightly different from his friends. He was just slightly more lonely.

Every good cowboy has Daddy issues. Derby had heard that before on one of his favorite tv shows. It was true then and it was true for him. It wasn’t his father’s fault. He workwd alot. Money just didn’t go as far as it used too. Dad had to work and he had to work alot. Because of this his time with Derby was short.

The code. Should you walk by the doorway and notice a dime on the ground you should take notice. In this universe of the abandoned Highschool, the flip of the coin made all the difference between ten minutes of head or ten minutes of tail. That is to say, ten minutes of felatio or ten minutes of intercourse.

Many a night Derby would go to the vacant school and glance at the coin, longing to feel what the inhabitants of the room were feeling. He imagined this sort of freedom and pleasure was the culmination of adult birthright. He longed for this control and he longed for this release.

Sometimes he’d visit the coin and door unaccompanied by his friends. This night was one of those.

He couldn’t sleep, and so lonely a feeling he felt, in his mind he must have seemed invisible to any passerby. He layed in his bed unworried and pondering his escape.

His parents were long asleep after having toiled 12 hours a piece for his future and his well being. This fact did not cross his thoughts. All that was present was the gnawing of his mind and the pursuit of another’s touch. This was his oasis in the desert and this thirst grew so large that he climbed out his window to freedom. His heart pounded in his chest as he walked the deer trail to the school. Darkness and anonymity masked his quest to the house of learning.

He walked up the rubbled steps and passed the spray paint, and there it was, like a light house telling of safe seas and safe harbor. The door stood gleaming in his mind. He focused on it. Knowing every crack and every stain. The brass door knob beckoned him, but it was another who spoke the come hither…or was it slither.

“Hi stranger.” She smiled, at him. Had that ever happened to him? She cocked her leg in a playful and shy way but it led down the path of curves and voluptuous delicacies. She bounced in nervous delight. She seemed to aim her full breasts at him and Derby felt it as much as he shyly gazed away with his eyes. His periphery caught the gist of it.

“We have ourselves a vacancy”, she said and Derby memorized her for future use of the often lonely adolescent universe. His mind was placed on record and in his review a red blinking light shone on her. She came up to his shoulders. Petit in height but not in the art of womanhood. She was an hourglass that whispered in your ear of the sands of time that could be spent worshiping at her alter. It told the tail of sweat and animal brutish conquest that could leave her involuntarily shaking as easch orgasm bled and burst into the other.

Before he knew it, he was in the room with her. Her dark hair and gothic makeup primed him and his jeans very soon could not contain his building volcano.

Fight or flight. All nervousness left him and as he stood on the precipice of greatness, he lunged into her and took her into his arms. Derby was not himself. Derby was off to the races. He kissed her like a much older and seasoned version of himself. He drank her in and explored her body with his hands. She began to kiss his neck and breathe heavy.

Derby was lost in ecstacy and would never know that her embrace was iron tight. He could not have escaped it if he wanted to. It was the strength of three men holding him fast.

His neck felt wet and warmth began to slowly make its way to his chest. She smiled at him in mid vampiric orgasm. She flashed her fangs and her eyes were that of cats or demons or something of the like.

He beheld her inhuman gaze and knew then what it was like to be the lobster in the boiling pot.

He was finally free of his ups and downs. He was free of his highschool day dream of a life. He bled out and she mueled like a baby suckling her mother’s tit. He convulsed and grew cold and in the end, was just another part of the rubble of the decrepit house of learning.

Smackdown Live Superstar Shake Up 4/17/18

* AJ Styles opening segment Promo, Rusev and Aiden English interupt.

1. AJ Styles Vs Rusev

Winner: AJ Styles by Dq when Aiden English jumps in and attacks AJ.

This is just more proof of the throw away matches sand bagged on Rusev. Vince wants him heel as much as he wants Roman face. The crowd loves Rusev the way Vince wishes they loved Roman. This will never happen, thus the slow and tortuous burial of the mighty Rusev for no good reason than to fascilitate an out of touch boss, who refuses to see the truth, like a spoiled child who refuses to sit in time out.

* Shelton Benjamin cuts Promo and goes full fledged Heel.

2. Shelton Benjamin Vs Randy Orton, Psyche! Jeff Hardy

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins

So that’s settled. Rollins as IC champ on Raw and Jeff the US champ on SD live. I enjoyed seeing Shelton bask in the Heel glow. I think it showed him in a great light. I sure wish they would allow him to experiment with his move list though. I know he has the ability to showcase his inner ninja, but it just doesn’t happen. Im happy for Jeff and his move to SD live. With what Raw is doing with Bray and his brother his insertion might have just been over kill. By putting him on SD live, we can potentially have a slew of dream matches and the daredevil returned to his former glory.

* The Miz debuts via Satelite….way to churn up the hate against the Miz.

*Absolution has joined SD live to no ovation and no one gives a shit. They can be fed to Asuka to keep her nice and fed.

3. Jey Uso Vs Luke Harper

Winner: Luke Harper wins

I want Luke Harper to hold the WWE championship. He is a bonafide terror and whirlwind in the ring. A conqueror. To paraphrase Conan the Barbarian, Luke Harper will …”Crush his enemies, see them driven before him and hear the lamentations of the women” (Naomi 😉). He’d make a great monster Heel Champ.

*Holy Shit!! Samoa Joe is SD Live

4. Samoa Joe Vs Sin Cara

Winner: Samoa Joe

This is an amazing turn of events. I thought he’d be the one to take the title from Roman after they gift it to him in Saudi Arabia. Now everything is turned on its head and I am left wondering if Roman will now be left to become the most hated Universal Champion of all time.

On the brighter side, Joe’s promo work and pipe bombs are about to set SD live on fire. Get ready. Im a little confused how Joe could possibly have the IC belt as well after Saudi Arabia. Please smarten me up in the comments.

* Sanity is SD Live

Just with this call, up the blue brand has surpassed the red with potential storylines.

* Daniel Bryan is confronted by a Heel Big Cass

* Melabration (the successful money in the bank cash in celebration) Charlotte interrupts, then Iconic interrupts. Then Charlotte gets jumped and Becky Lynch makes the save.

Carmella is impressing me, I have to admit it. She is excelling as a successful money in the bank cash in champ. She might not hold the championship for long, but she deserves to enjoy this moment.

5. Charlotte Vs Billie Kay

Winner: Charlotte (gets jumped again and Asuka makes the save.)

* Asuka is SD Live

Im not sold on Iconic yet, but they’re mic skills are apparent. The Women’s division on SD live is leaps and bounds better than what it was.

Now all that needs to occur is for Becky Lynch to have her time to shine.

Im also hoping that with the involvement of Asuka assisting Charlotte and Becky Lynch that we won’t have a six woman tag match every week against Iconic and Carmella. That is just lazy writing and ultimately will do all the women involved a great disservice, especially Becky Lynch who already seems to be being lost in the mix.

* Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are SD live

I was really hoping Finn would be with them, but to have them back up AJ is just fine with me. WWE, they are not jobbers. Please do not treat them as such.

*The Bar is SD Live

*Corey Graves throws a pencil at Byron Saxton

This had me rolling on the floor with laughter. Corey and Byron’s chemistry reminds me of the chemistry of Bobby the Brain Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon. They should have their own show or at the very least a podcast.

*Andrade Cien Almas is SD Live

The Blue brand is better. I am a mark for Andrade.

6. AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs Rusev Day

Winner: AJ and DB win via Dq when Shinsuke attacks AJ’s privates again and Big Cass kicks Db’s face off.

Shinsuke’s Heel facial expressions look like all of my favorite Anime villains. You know the type. The ones that lick the blade after they just stabbed you in the liver? Yeah…that type.

Im happy big Cass is back and Im praying to the wrestling Gods that he will be allowed to deliver his promos at a normal cadence and not in slow motion like RAW had him do. It felt like I was watching a year long rib.

In closing, the blue brand is better. All hail the land of opportunity.

Raw Superstar Shakeup 4/16/2018

1. Jinder Mahal Vs Jeff Hardy United States Championship

Winner: Jeff Hardy

It was an underwhelming debut of Jinder. I’m just plain tired of Jinder. The Jinder who along with Randy Orton and Smackdown Live Creative, almost killed the blue brand. Jeff needs the strap, as his absence has depleted his momentum, but honestly anything is better than Jinder. Even Nicholas is better than Jinder. It was an average match and Jinder’s botch of his own finish made me want to cry salty tears, but thankfully it ended rather quickly and so the trauma of seeing Jinder on the red brand was lessened.

2. Bayley Vs Sasha Banks

Winner: DQ Riot Squad debuts and attacks both

Im not a mark for the Riot Squad but I do appreciate them, as they will inject some life into the Raw Women’s division…well, at least Ruby Riot will.

The match itself didn’t do anything for me until the gals started Hockey fighting and then I was enraptured. We need a whole lot more of that in this fued.

3. Ryhno and Heath Slater vs The Authors of Pain

Winner: Authors of Pain (Squash Match)

I felt it was blah and far beneath AOP. I just don’t know what it is about many an NXT call up which leads to terminal cancer to those who make it to the main roster.

4. Miz TV (Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens debut)

*Miz to SDLive Mizterouge stays, 5 man tag announced.

I was very happy to see Kammi back in the mix, but the true gem here was the knowledge that we shall soon see Daniel Bryan exact his vengeance on the mighty Miz. That promo The Miz cut on Daniel was fire and as savage as Randy Poffo. The fans are about to get a treat with that fued.

5. Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy Vs The Revival

Winner: Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy (the burial of The Revival continues)

Why, why, why, why, why call up The Revival only to be fed to performers who don’t need the meal. The Revival are an amazing duo with limitless talent and even more epic timing with their maneuvers. They have the capacity to create symphonies in the ring, so why, why, why, why, why waste them as a snack to the morbidly obese. Don’t get me wrong, Im #Woken as fuck but The Revival are getting the Rusev treatment and its a complete waste of everybody’s time.

*Dual Brand PayPerviews (and the Death of the Midcard.)

JDfromNY206 of youtube fame ( said it best. Dual branding payperviews will kill the Midcard. Only the top talent will make that card. All others will be lost in the shuffle and those lost in the shuffle are the talent who needs the exposure the most. Mark my words, this is a bad idea.

*Breezango debut (Comedy Bullshit) The guys can go. Let them go for christ’s sake. First and foremost these men are ProWrestlers and should not be squandered in a 2 bit comedy act.

* Ronda Rousey segment (Nattie Debuts) Not a fan of the gratuitous serial killer like sadism of the drawn out arm breaking sequence with Stephanie McMahon.

6. Ember Moon Vs Mickie James

Winner: Ember Moon (Great sell on the eclipse by Mickie James. Do I sense a Heel turn coming for Ember?)

It was a decent match but the diamond here was that sell of the eclipse by Mickie James. It was shades of The Rock taking a stunner from Stone Cold. Little birdies are chirping to me that we might see a heel Ember Moon soon. I am titilated at that prospect.

*Dolph Ziggler debuts and is interupted by Titus Worldwide.

Drew Mcintyre debuts and stomps a mudhole into Titus and friends and they walk it dry into the sunset. I am excited to see this grouping, but it won’t last. Drew is best as a face and a fued with Ziggler is what this universe needs.

* Roman Reigns speaks to next to no pop at all. Then he gets abused by the crowd and is cheered by the lonely women of the audience. Its clear the WWE Universe is sick of this shit.

Thank God Samoa Joe comes out and of course the crowd loves him. I feel bad for Roman at the legit hatred and apathy the WWE universe has for him. Not enough for me ever to cheer for him though. Please turn him heel before his career goes up in flames.

7. Mandy Rose Vs Natalya

Winner: Natalya (Absolution attacks and Ronda Rousey saves, Ronda very stiff attack)

This was all pretty meaningless and boring until Ronda potatoed the shit out of the make pretend MMA fighter chick. Ronda better be careful not to hurt her colleagues. We don’t need another Sid Viscious running around.

*Baron Corbin and his Hairline debuts with a video package. (Not even an in ring appearance?)


8. Breezango Vs The Bar

Winner: Breezango (Thank God because they needed this one.)

It was nice to see Breezango given a chance to shine. However, be very wary if they manage to get over on their own steam. We all know how that can be the death of someone’s career. If it happened to Rusev it can happen to anybody. You are only allowed to be cheered unless you are annointed by his holy highness Mr. MEEKMAHON.

*Elias Segment (Heeling it up in Hartford and furthering the fued with Bobby Lashley.)

9. Lashley, Rollins, Strowman, Balor and Bobby Roode Vs Axel, Dallas, Miz, Owens and Zayn

*Corey Graves – The Bullet Club is for everyone.

God bless Mr. Graves.

Winner: Lashley, Rollins, Strowman, Balor and Bobby Roode.

Strowman is over. Why he is not holding the Universal title escapes me. The match didn’t do much for me other than make me want to see Balor and club on Smackdown Live. It also wet my appetite to know the fued between The Miz and Daniel Bryan is a sure thing.

The show as a whole lacked that certain special something. I really didn’t pop much for any of the aquisitions. It just seemed like they crammed way too much in the show and once again I am left wishing there was more wrestling and less talking on the red brand. I totally understand now why so many want RAW to go back to a two hour format.

It’ll at least be nice to see Seth Rollins on SD live. The potential Dream matches we could see on the Blue Brand is a WONDERFUL delight.

Here’s hoping Smackdown gets it right where RAW did not.

Wrestlemania 34 New Orleans Review

1.Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Winner: Matt Hardy (Face Turn Bray Wyatt)

2. Cruiserweight Championship Mustapha Ali vs Cedrick Alexander.

Winner: Cedrick Alexander

3. Womens Mula Memorial Battle Royal

Winner: Naomi ???

4. Intercontinental Championship Match

Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

Winner: Seth Rollins

5. Smackdown Womens championship Asuka vs Charlotte

Winner: Charlotte (Asuka’s streak os over)

6. United States Championship Bobby Roode vs Rusev vs Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton

Winner: Jinder Mahal

7. Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle vs Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Winner: Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle

8. John Cena vs The Undertaker

Winner: The Undertaker

9. Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

Winner: Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon

10. Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax Raw Women’s Championship

Winner: Nia Jax

11. AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakumura WWE Championship

Winner: AJ Styles (Shinsuke Heel turn)

12. Brawn vs bar

winner: brawn and the kid

13. Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar Universal Championship

Winner: Brock Lesnar

I have to make this short and sweet because I got this review out late and after a long Wrestlemania week I am officially fried from prowrestling. Never the less, I have to get a few points out into the cosmos.

Point blank…NXT Takeover New Orleans was better. Something needs to change in the WWE. All do respect to Mr. McMahon, but Triple H needs to takeover. Pun intended beeatch.

The Andre the Giant Battle royal meant nothing. I dont even remember who won. Take that back. It was Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. Why not just further their storyline in a match instead of mixing them in with others who didn’t need the time. Sorry boys.

Mustapha Ali and Cedrick Alexander put on an amazing match and the right man did go over, but it should have been featured later on on the card, so that it could get the benefit of an energized and primed crowd. I personally loved Mustapha’s entrance. He looked like the son of subzero. Great match but it would have garnered a better reaction had it appeared later.

The Women Rumble’s main importance was to further the storyline of Bailey and Sasha Banks. Time should have been cut to add to the Shinsuke Nakumura and AJ Styles match. It went too long.

The IC match was great and Seth shined brightest. Im glad blackout returned. Im super glad hes got championship gold around his waist. He will bring back importance to that title. The Miz was blah and so was Finn. Not their fault Im sure. The demon needs to return and Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson should be backing up Finn. Quit this babyface bullshit…turn him heal and make the Balor club faction have teeth.

Asuka should have remained undefeated. She is leaps and bounds deadlier than Charlotte. They should have kept that streak alive and popped it at the next mania. I did enjoy her sportsmanship though which was the ying to Shinsuke Nakumura’s Heel yang. It was cool to see and im sure she will get gold soon. Next mania should be asuka vs Ronda. This needs to happen soon before injuries prevent that dream bout.

The US championship match was a farce and Rusev should have won. He should have won on smackdown live as well. Why they wont push him, I will never know.

Ronda was the star of her match. I dont care about anyone else involved. Now if she would only stop smiling on tv. Dream matches are coming for the women my friends. Ronda is gonna make it amazing.

John Cena vs the Undertaker. Im not a fan of shitty build meaningless matches when there is talent that could have used that time to put on a more epic bout.

I was extatic to see the return of the true face of the WWE, Daniel Bryan. The Jedi Master has returned.

Alexa Bliss vs Nia Jax was a waste of time I will never get back. Again, the time could have benefited others.

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakumura pissed me off. It was a tease of something epic. Something other worldly. They needed more time. Why they were not given more time I will never know. It did however just usher in a feud that will eventually evolve into a titanic epic battle. Thanks for that WWE. The heel turn was perfect and the follow up on smack down made me craving more evil Shinsuke. I loved it.

Brawn and the kid vs Cesaro and Sheamus was bullshit. It was disrespectful to the bar and again the time could have been better suited for other wrestlers. I feel so bad for the bar.

Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar ended the way it should have. It almost feels like it went off script and the two wrestlers involved colluded to have this happen and against the wishes of Vince. If that is the case, thank you Roman for bleeding for our sins. Like I said, something has to change when a Wrestlemania crowd chants this is awful. Time for something different.

NXT Takeover New Orleans Review 4/7/18


1. 6 man ladder match North American Championship- EC3, Ricochet, Adam Cole, Killian Dane, Velveteen Dream, Lars Sullivan

Winner: Adam Cole

2. Nxt Women’s Championship- Shayna Baszler vs Ember Moon

Winner: Shayna Baszler

3. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic – Undisputed Era, Authors of Pain, Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne

Winner: Undisputed Era….Roderick turns heel

4. Nxt Mens Championship – Aleister Black vs Andrade Cien Almas

Winner: Aleister Black

5. Johnny Gargano vs Tomaso Ciampa – Unsanctioned Match

Winner: Johnny Gargano

I believe it was a stellar payperview which told multi layered stories throughout each individual match. If there is anything that hurt the flow of enery of TNO as a whole, it was placing the 6 man ladder match for the North American Championship first. The crowd was so invested and motivated to such an intense degree that by the end of it, the crowd deflated and the championship match for the women’s title was noticeably more quiet in terms of crowd reaction. The energy of the crowd ebbed and it needed to recharge. Logistics must have played a role in the placement of the ladder match on the card, especially with so prominently a role played by Adam Cole. Much like Daniel Bryan began and ended WM 30, the same tactic was used again here to maximize Adam Cole’s endurance. It worked but at the cost of match 2 and 3 needing more time to get the crowd really hot.

The ladder match might as well have been a crystal ball of future WWE main roster champions. Every wrestler looked amazing and every wrestler showcased their strengths. Velveteen Dream conjured his inner Macho Man and delivered a flying elbow from the top of a ladder that sounded like a meteor crashing to earth. He might as well of been the catalyst for the extinction of the dinosaurs with so massive an elbow. Watch the match to truly see what I am describing here. Lars Sullivan climbed the ladder many times and cracked and crunched his foes along the way. Many times I thought lars had it won, but the NXT writers had me guessing the entire match. I simply could not predict which man would reign supreme and this added so much more excitement to the carnage. The crowd was on fire and was put to a fever pitch more times than I can remember another match accomplishing. The dueling ladder atomic bombs by Lars and Killian was truly something to behold and it was after those two spots where I legitimately began to fear for the well being of the wrestlers involved. NXT had me convinced that every participant in the match had their careers significantly shortened. The crowd reacted the same way I did. The screams of shock and fear echoed around the arena. EC3 strode to the ring with a confidence and a bravado that echoed of a Bobby Roode heel title run. I think we can expect this sort of character to emerge from EC3 as his character is allowed to grow. He didn’t stand out to me within the match as much as his physique did, but again his heel antics will be refreshing when gold is eventually placed on his waist. Killian was a wrecking ball and true monster within the match. His wide eyed fury sent shivers through the crowd and was the only participant who could even come close to the untamed power that Lars exhibited.

Ricochet was as epic as he was advertized. It took only minutes to see how he earned his name. He was a blur and accomplished shooting star presses the way Mozart wrote music…effortlessly. I understand why it was decided to not crown him champion. It is always more exciting when a baby face chases a heel champ. This scenario is playing itself out. Adam Cole is champion amd Ricochet will be on his heels. NXT is going to have to move up talent to the main roster if they dont want their midcard to disappear.

Every wrestler shined but none shined brighter than Adam Cole and his signature catch phrase shook the very arena. It rose through the crowd amd shattered whatever glass ceiling that stood in its path and in the end, it seemed he was the most deserving to be the newly crowned North American champion.

The NXT Women’s championship match came next and though entertaining, did not equal to the ladder match. The crowd seemed exhausted and even though they both painted a good story, it didnt seem to equal the previous bout. The storytelling was simple enough being that of the bully, Shayna seeming to grow as a wrestler. She did not focus on fear but rather adaptability and everything Ember Moon threw at her was countered. Shayna isn’t so green anymore and as she ripens it will be tough for another wrestler to topple her reign.

Im afraid that Ember is losing some of her steam. Even her cork screw stunner from the top rope to the floor didnt seem as magnificent as it usually does. She’s been a great champion and she thrived as a potential upstart to topple Asuka’s throne but a perennial champion she is not. Perhaps she just needs someone new to work with.

The Dusty Rhodes Tag team classic was entertaining and the mind shattering knee strikes of Roderick Strong as well as the uber combat skills of Kyle O’reilly were my favorite parts of the match. Kyle was hillarious and viscious all in the same breadth. It was refreshing to see someone so young have such confidence in the ring. I totally see why he was a champion in ROH. There were many highlights in the match and the pace at its peak was frenetic, but what got the crowd charged up again was Roderick Strong’s heel turn. He turned on Pete Dunne and I hope this will allow him to explore his dark side and I hope this dark shade gives birth to a more charismatic Strong on the mic. If he is able to improve his talking, there will be no stopping him.

Then came Aleister Black vs Andrade Cien Almas for the NXT Championship. Almas demanded respect and promised to humiliate Black. Black kept his cool even though Zelina Vega interfered many times throughout the match. She did so with the finnesse of a master luchador. One spot consisted of Zelina spiking Black with a hurricanrana that left black teetering on his head much the way Neville used to do. A dangerous spot, but it took the fans by surprise and shock ,awe and respect could be felt in the building as the match progressed. Intereference is what ultimately cost Almas’ title reign. Zelina went to the well too often and ultimately a mistake led Almas to recieve Black Mass in the face and earned Aleister the pinnfall. With a newly crowned NXT Champion crowned, one wonders if Andrade could be ready for a move to the main roster. He is a ring General and the main roster needs him more than probably WWE creative cares to admit.

Finally we had the duel of the Ex-good brothers in Johnny Gargano vs Tomaso Ciampa in an unsanctioned match. You know when a heel is over when the crowd serenades you with “Fuck you Ciampa” for a minute and again several times through out the match. Ciampa walked down the ramp to no music. He didn’t need it. His entrance music was the hate and vitriol of the entire NXT universe. They fought each other in the ultimate representation of good versus evil. Johnny Wrestling was the white knight and Ciampa was the bloody black knight. They fought as if they were destined to do so. The brutality was telling and one match will not be enough for this fued to end. Johnny, in the end, did get his career back and was reinstated into NXT because of the victory, but evil never sleeps defeated for long and Ciampa will be back with a ruthless vengeance.

A recurring story in the match was the crutch and the knee brace and how they symbolized each wrestler. They were used as tools to brutalize each other and at the end, those same tools were cast aside as the wrestlers themselves gave in to their eternal struggle. There was an a moment where they sat side by side exhausted from battle. Ciampa looked up, almost pleading for mercy with a swollen eye. He seemed to shake his head as if to doubt his obsession and hatred for Gargano was worth any of this pain anymore. It seemed, or at least it was hoped that they would spare each other and reunite, but Ciampa used this moment of mercy to attack his foe. This is the way a heel must be played. Only the most evil can properly propel the Hero to be his very best. Iron sharpens Iron but so too does evil strengthen good. Their match was philosophical. Not often seen or even carried out, but when you see it for yourself you will feel it too. The sky is the limit for those two gladiators and I hope they face each other again. Their duel was why fans created the chant “Fight Forever”.

Since Im such a JDfromNY206 mark, Ill leave you his take on this magnificent night below.