“The Journey”

“The Journey”

By Hector M. Rivera


A shrouded hood covers lips

that wished and wished to steal a kiss,

from balcony up high and laden with

clouds with dreams of princess missed.

On moonlit paths of danger near

the shrouded hood darts here and there,

always quick as lightning spent,

to catch a glimpse of fairest lips.

Then evil struck and the hood was banned,

and pined away in distant lands

and sings songs, so full and sad,

of fairer times across the sands.

I cannot stop my feet from falling,

one then others ever drawing

near to days of distant past

please speed me to my golden lass.

Let fire fall on shadows left,

let nothing hamper my ascent,

one more step away from depths

of bitter hells and callous pits.

Sanctify our union made,

when rains swell down and merry played,

of hearth and home and diligence

no distance forged could sever us.

“I Am a Man Out Of Time”

“I am a Man Out Of Time”

by Hector M. Rivera


I am a man out of time,

though not really,

for then there should have been

a time I could claim.

A time of absent bloodshed,

a time of nurtured bliss,

where babies do not daily feel

the scalpel’s burning kiss.

A time where mercy rains

on the meek minded children,

a time where bullies vanquished,

reparate instead of eviscerate.

I WAS a man out of time


I learned the truth,

that there has never been a time on earth purely

that could take root.

I do not fancy the long rape murder.

It is not fashionable to me,

to dangle corpses merrily around my neck

so daintily.

My long wait gave birth to me,

to know there is a place,

where angels cheer for me

a place to lay my face.

A home up in the heavens,

equipped with righteous King,

to wipe away my tears perpetually

so complete this King did win.

I will not mourn my birth to this rotten world.

For only through this filth will I

reach my true reward.

For the greatest blessing ever given

was when I realized this,

that my final destination will not be drenched in piss.

Keep your erect monkeys,

and keep your primordial goo,

I am none of these,

and eventually,

so are you.

“F— You Lucifer”

I know I am supposed to forgive you,

Yet children murdered is what brings you glee.

A God in heaven weeps for the predator who cannot see.

Why do I live in this rotten shanty

Of a world of baby’s screams eternal?

A lesson must be learned of those who have been murdered, icy.

I weep for thee maternal, beauty bold.

Save me lord and wipe my skin so raped.

Pluck my eyes and burn the proud and blamed, to bask in clouds.

Save the children doomed to scalpel bliss,

Come to tame your Lucifer unscathed.

No, I will suffer if it means you are doomed for the win.

The victor, change my eyes to behold blight,

Humble my ways to always take in light.

I am flawed,

but my love for God is always broad.

“So Much Unknown”

“So Much Unknown”

By Hector M. Rivera


Which foot did step first to you,

if indeed I did step foot,

whom will see me coming,

and if you see me come,

which step will hit earth first?

Will you see me blush first?

Will you taste my thirst,

will you see the owl glide in twilight glades of hearth?

He ponders where to perch or perhaps to build his nest,

and every time he falls in love

he takes it to the chest.

So close he sips the juice of you

a mist is in his wake,

and howls the wind away from him

old wounds in him do gape.

Mystery surrounds her lovely pale round eyes,

so quick to steal my breath away,

I swim in darkened pools.

Whose face will meet me if it does,

and will we trade in smiles?

Will we kiss so deeply we forget the long dark miles?

“The Well”

“The Well”

By Hector M. Rivera


I fell and fell way down the well

and plunged into the water.

The freezing grip made me forget

the villains who put me under.

Shivering, I clawed and screamed

my hope to save myself,

Yet all that heard my cries of Hell

bounced back way down the well.

A stone is rolled, eclipse is set

to bury me away,

And tears and shivering hold me close,

my water bed of Pain.

All I did was kiss her hand

to deserve this gruesome end,

And yet my end so laughable

way down this dark, dark Hole,

my last thought drifts slowly up

and liberates my soul.

It climbs and breathes such freedom

that envy is my breed.

When next we meet and you see me

my smile will make you bleed.

“I did not see thee Death”

“I did not see thee Death”

by Hector M. Rivera


I did not see thee death, as you stalked through distant lands,

you swooped so subtly low that blood ran cold to lead.

Men of courage forged of tougher stuff,

meandered down to darkened pits of rough and tumble bluffs.

If you had claimed me I’d been spared of War’s true awesome bite,

yet I see thee ever leering to lose me in your grasp,

but now I wander sleeplessly of others who have passed.

What is the patriotism others speak from couches,

they seek blood so safely spared from bullets cold cold kiss,

and when they play computer games they thirst for more blood bliss.

I hate thee death and elected foes who command from distant lands,

and sleep so sound on whorish beds and know the running joke.

It runs so swiftly through the hills it scarcely can be caught,

it screams for you to paint the hue of human refuse bought.

They do not bury corpses made, they do not know the brave,

They only leer from limousines cemetery black.

They only demand tribute the painted color black.

They only remain so far gone deaths head reels wicked back,

you instead, you instead bemoans the twisted wretch.

Take this infernal mess and burn it black as they,

so sick am I of limousines and pigs who ride away.

“The Last Good Man”

“The Last Good Man”


by Hector M. Rivera

The last good man was 32 years old and tied down to a gurney. It wasn’t a hospital that was his home, but a deep underground military base. His captors had been testing him for weeks. He, like his unfortunate comrades were special forces troops, otherwise known as lab rats. Sadly, he, like his comrades, followed orders unquestioningly and saw the hypodermic needle they offered not as a gross and inhuman violation, but just another fear to conquer. He was a brave man and a noble man and his courage was matched only by his profound naiveté. The last good man was a hero to the nation and given a hero’s welcome. Each one had been given the top secret treatment and each one had reacted according to the predicted outcome.

Some of the soldiers did not show the tell tale signs of each attempt right away. Some of the men would descend into delirium whispering the names of their sons and daughters and others spoke of dark shadows chasing them. Some of the men, now reduced to shaking and shivering boys, even called for their mommies. The transformations occurred immediately after the flat lines blazed across the computer screens, to which their vitals were being monitored. First the death rattle would rasp out of the mouth of the deceased joe and then a violent convulsion. The scientists had seen it before and were not really inclined to rush into the very sparse room. All that lay in it was the gurney, the heart monitor and the thrashing of what should have been a corpse. The injection they had given him was mercury like and black as pitch. It was a blob of gloom in that horse needle they so lovingly shared with their volunteer.

The man’s eyes turned as black as the mouth of a cave that led to hell. His veins bulged out a freakish green. His skin took on a translucent hue. The look of the toxic veins along with his sweaty and pale skin was a mockery of the person this creature used to be. His muscles grew with the black sludge that now sloshed through his giant throbbing veins. A roar escaped his lips that would have shaken any jungle and caused trickles of urine down the legs to any alpha-male in the forest.

The scientists looked on, not even the hint of sweat on their brows. Their lab coats so pristine white, that in their darkened observation room they could have been mistaken for ghosts, forced to walk the halls of where they committed their most heinous crimes. They looked on and their pupils could not be seen in the dark room. The glare of monitors and fluorescent light against their spectacles, made them all seem to possess large white ovals instead of eyes. They looked on.

The creature strained and strained and now the thing so much stronger from the injection of dark death seemed to make his gurney explode. Nothing hung from his limbs but the eviscerated remnants of his bonds. The creature stared across the room and knew his captors were on the other side of the one way mirror. He could smell them. He charged across the room, slightly stumbling on the debris of the gurney and walloped the mirror with his now bulging arms. The window did not give.

On the other side the lead scientist named Dr. Murphy did not even flinch as the behemoth slammed against the sneaky window to his torments. He merely said, “Eliminate him.” A yellow gas began to flood the room of the monster’s last moments un-alive. The monster looked at the gas as if an enemy had entered the room and he retreated to the furthest part of the space from it. Seconds later the entire room was flooded and a curious vision presented itself to the scientists. The beast began to melt. First the hair began to smoke. Then the skin seemed to liquify and drop off like an over used soap dispenser. Before his muscles followed suit, his hands went up to cover his face. His eyeballs burst and leaked through his disappearing fingers.

The beast let out a scream. His final and most fierce of them, as certainly the beast must have sensed that even his un-death’s death had arrived. The roar seemed to dissipate into a bubble of regurgitated internal organs that crept up the creatures throat and then nothing. Just a bubbling goo on the floor.

Dr. Murphy looked pleased. “The experiment was a complete success folks.” He said this with the warmest of smiles. “With the use of this gas we can insure the defeat of any insurrection by our invading hord force. We have solved several military related drawbacks. Now with the injection, we can make a nearly impervious offensive juggernaut. Once the compartmentalized special forces soldier breeches enemy lines, he will give himself the shot. Upon taking the shot he will undergo the change we just witnessed. What you did not see is that once the change takes place the carrier of the injection has a hundred percent communicability of the injection dispersed through his pores. Once one of the opposition force is infected all will follow suit and when all are converted, we fly over the enemy-converted, and spray the yellow solution gas and viola…military campaigns are literally ended with a mop.”

Some clapping erupted from behind the scientists in the observation room. It emanated from the shadows and eerily grew in volume as it approached from its dark shadowy blanket. A four star general appeared from the gloom followed by his roach like entourage. “Well done Dr. Murphy. This operation is a complete success. My superiors will surely be pleased.” It appeared to Dr. Murphy that a stiff handshake was headed his way but all that erupted from the hand of the general was gunfire.

“Apologies Profound”

“Apologies Profound”

by Hector M. Rivera


Would that I could spare thee son from dragons of my youth,

who squatted down upon my choice and rended it straight through.

If I could strangle demons with gauntlet hands for days,

the tragedy of your pain would disappear decades.

One Dragon in particular her teeth still stained with blood,

manifested too late for me to plant my sword in good.

Her name was seed and I did reap the discord you now feel,

pray tell me son, but do not weep your fate will not be sealed.

How could a boy so innocent feel father’s sin so strong,

that shadows run after him and long to tear him down,

to darkened holes and furnace pits and places filled with rot,

who smile with glee when then they see the evil in the plot.

Would that I could challenge all those shadows who aim to feast,

upon your youthful joy and epic aims to ingest peace.

I would scream a barbarous yell and scatter darkness far,

I would plant my axe brain deep atop the carcass yard.

Bloody tears sown thick with hate would fuel my deathly rage,

to cleave and maim the shadows deep who seek to have you slain.

I would die of burning, I would die of blade,

before I ever let those things touch hair or hide I made.

Forgive me son, forgive me for it is I who doomed you so,

I could not listen and would not listen to warnings I was shown.

Please steer clear of dragons who seek to utter lies,

and lead you down the path with speed to familial demise.

“Ode to the Mosquito” (with disdain for government)

“Ode to the Mosquito”

(with disdain to government)

By Hector M. Rivera



A mosquito has sunk his rotten Bite,

the paths of Academe are his delight.

On pensive brow I feel that I could birth

a proper axe to cleave his global blight,

and rid the world of bloody jaws

and bloody wars

to everyone’s delight.

Oh mosquito,

I promise, I am humbled,

So great a bite from you I crumble.

Please lose interest and Fly away

so that I might rest in this fine day,

or else take interest far from me,

the darkest pits of Hell,