John The Shepherd

John The Shepherd by Hector M. Rivera Prologue The hooded figure darted from shadow to shadow blanketed by a bright noon day. The gutted torn buildings gave birth to crooked shadows like some demented Dr. Suess nightmare. Empty rusted cars provided his cover as he slowly neared his prize. It was being guarded by aContinue reading “John The Shepherd”

Smackdown Live Superstar Shake Up 4/17/18

* AJ Styles opening segment Promo, Rusev and Aiden English interupt. 1. AJ Styles Vs Rusev Winner: AJ Styles by Dq when Aiden English jumps in and attacks AJ. This is just more proof of the throw away matches sand bagged on Rusev. Vince wants him heel as much as he wants Roman face. TheContinue reading “Smackdown Live Superstar Shake Up 4/17/18”