“A slice of my heart, good Sir?”

“A slice of my heart, good Sir?” By Hector M. Rivera 11/7/2013 A slice of my heart, good Sir? The contents are Sweet and Bloody. I dig the graves where bodies lay, from far and wide thieves plunder. It must appear quite foul to thee The sword and arrows dangle, the rotten meat oozes beadsContinue reading ““A slice of my heart, good Sir?””

“I did not see thee Death”

“I did not see thee Death” by Hector M. Rivera 4/18/2012 I did not see thee death, as you stalked through distant lands, you swooped so subtly low that blood ran cold to lead. Men of courage forged of tougher stuff, meandered down to darkened pits of rough and tumble bluffs. If you had claimedContinue reading ““I did not see thee Death””

“Apologies Profound”

“Apologies Profound” by Hector M. Rivera 4/5/2012 Would that I could spare thee son from dragons of my youth, who squatted down upon my choice and rended it straight through. If I could strangle demons with gauntlet hands for days, the tragedy of your pain would disappear decades. One Dragon in particular her teeth stillContinue reading ““Apologies Profound””