Smackdown Live Superstar Shake Up 4/17/18

* AJ Styles opening segment Promo, Rusev and Aiden English interupt. 1. AJ Styles Vs Rusev Winner: AJ Styles by Dq when Aiden English jumps in and attacks AJ. This is just more proof of the throw away matches sand bagged on Rusev. Vince wants him heel as much as he wants Roman face. TheContinue reading “Smackdown Live Superstar Shake Up 4/17/18”

a zombie apocalypse story

Sometimes when I’m walking down a lonely dirt road the crunch of my boots on the gravel comfort me because it means I’m moving and I’m mobile. Those little sounds tinkle into my ears and I am absorbed into a zen like state. It Doesn’t much matter to me that the world has gone toContinue reading “a zombie apocalypse story”