#CoronaVirus 03/21/20 David Icke is Right

The same organizations trying to “help” us are the same people who invented the death panel. Go ahead, google death panel and read between the lines. Essentially we have a remote controlled drone virus which is a gun to our head to accept the system as our new daddy. Its Stockholm’s syndrome. Its wife beaterContinue reading “#CoronaVirus 03/21/20 David Icke is Right”

“Upon watching the Power of Man”

From up on high they scurry like ants. From down low they stride into battle like gods. Hephaestus adorns them with arms and the daily toils of the meek mean nothing to the generals of the new and of the old. Lucifer’s children and all their pomp and circumstance are still ants to the almighty.Continue reading ““Upon watching the Power of Man””