The Last Good Man

The Last Good Man by Hector M. Rivera The last good man was 32 years old and tied down to a gurney. It wasn’t a hospital that was his home, but a deep underground military base. His captors had been testing him for weeks. He, like his unfortunate comrades were special forces troops, otherwise knownContinue reading “The Last Good Man”

Lambertville Highschool NJ-Haunted Highschool

Video-1 Video-2 Video-3 This road trip began with a brief search on google asking the great oracle to find for me the top 10 haunted places to visit in New Jersey. Baskerville Highschool was 8 on the list on the website of the great folks at My son and I mounted our trusted RavContinue reading “Lambertville Highschool NJ-Haunted Highschool”

“The Well”

“The Well” By Hector M. Rivera 3/31/2012 I fell and fell way down the well and plunged into the water. The freezing grip made me forget the villains who put me under. Shivering, I clawed and screamed my hope to save myself, Yet all that heard my cries of Hell bounced back way down theContinue reading ““The Well””