“Upon watching the Power of Man”

From up on high they scurry like ants. From down low they stride into battle like gods. Hephaestus adorns them with arms and the daily toils of the meek mean nothing to the generals of the new and of the old. Lucifer’s children and all their pomp and circumstance are still ants to the almighty.Continue reading ““Upon watching the Power of Man””

“When Winter Sets Too Fast”

“When Winter Sets Too Fast” By Hector M. Rivera 12/3/14 A winter came to the deep green wood, and so cruel and quick it was, that every daffodil it met it froze to stone with merriment. And youngling birds in deepened nests stared powerless, at the great white brute as it trampled on their playgroundsContinue reading ““When Winter Sets Too Fast””

“A slice of my heart, good Sir?”

“A slice of my heart, good Sir?” By Hector M. Rivera 11/7/2013 A slice of my heart, good Sir? The contents are Sweet and Bloody. I dig the graves where bodies lay, from far and wide thieves plunder. It must appear quite foul to thee The sword and arrows dangle, the rotten meat oozes beadsContinue reading ““A slice of my heart, good Sir?””

“So Much Unknown”

“So Much Unknown” By Hector M. Rivera 9/19/2013 Which foot did step first to you, if indeed I did step foot, whom will see me coming, and if you see me come, which step will hit earth first? Will you see me blush first? Will you taste my thirst, will you see the owl glideContinue reading ““So Much Unknown””

“The Well”

“The Well” By Hector M. Rivera 3/31/2012 I fell and fell way down the well and plunged into the water. The freezing grip made me forget the villains who put me under. Shivering, I clawed and screamed my hope to save myself, Yet all that heard my cries of Hell bounced back way down theContinue reading ““The Well””

“Apologies Profound”

“Apologies Profound” by Hector M. Rivera 4/5/2012 Would that I could spare thee son from dragons of my youth, who squatted down upon my choice and rended it straight through. If I could strangle demons with gauntlet hands for days, the tragedy of your pain would disappear decades. One Dragon in particular her teeth stillContinue reading ““Apologies Profound””

“Ode to the Mosquito” (with disdain for government)

“Ode to the Mosquito” (with disdain to government) By Hector M. Rivera riverahm919@hotmail.com 10/4/13 A mosquito has sunk his rotten Bite, the paths of Academe are his delight. On pensive brow I feel that I could birth a proper axe to cleave his global blight, and rid the world of bloody jaws and bloody warsContinue reading ““Ode to the Mosquito” (with disdain for government)”