John The Shepherd

John The Shepherd by Hector M. Rivera Prologue The hooded figure darted from shadow to shadow blanketed by a bright noon day. The gutted torn buildings gave birth to crooked shadows like some demented Dr. Suess nightmare. Empty rusted cars provided his cover as he slowly neared his prize. It was being guarded by aContinue reading “John The Shepherd”

The Chess Board #1

Is it real? Is any of this real? Life? Death? Taxes? I just keep running into the same block in the rat maze. Two opposing opinions. Both can be aimed at the wielder and used as a weapon. Be wary what weapons are brought to a fight. They can be used against you if suchContinue reading “The Chess Board #1”

No food

This is the third night out. I cant find food. It’s safer at night. No muteboots. They like the day. So full of themselves that their kills are more fulfilling in the day. Cyborgs addicted to blood. Not vampires. More like demons. Their prey? The younger the better. Theirs nothing left of the world butContinue reading “No food”