John The Shepherd

John The Shepherd by Hector M. Rivera Prologue The hooded figure darted from shadow to shadow blanketed by a bright noon day. The gutted torn buildings gave birth to crooked shadows like some demented Dr. Suess nightmare. Empty rusted cars provided his cover as he slowly neared his prize. It was being guarded by aContinue reading “John The Shepherd”

Clap If You Believe In Fairies

Clap If You Believe In Fairies By Hector Rivera Setting: dark room, one chair, light bulb swinging. The victim is tied to the chair. The killer stands freely moving about as he wishes. He wields a dull black tactical survival knife. Note: The victim wakes up, tied to a chair. Gregory: I’m glad your up.Continue reading “Clap If You Believe In Fairies”