“The Dark Side of the Ring” ep-2 season- 3 New Jack Review

No spoilers from me. I have been stuck upon a quandary though as I gazed into 2 black pools promising death other wise known as New Jack’s eyes. It’s mesmerizing. This was filmed long ago and much time has passed and yet as I watched it I began to psych myself up as if IContinue reading ““The Dark Side of the Ring” ep-2 season- 3 New Jack Review”

ProWrestling Reviews #AEW vs #NXT

My fellow humans, from this day on as my form of nonviolent protest, until Vince McMahon steps down, I will no longer review Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. Those shows are far inferior to #NXT and #AEW. NXT and AEW will get my full attention. I also feel the need to notify you all thatContinue reading “ProWrestling Reviews #AEW vs #NXT”

#HIAC Hell In A Cell Review 10/06/19

First let me air my grievances a bit. I have to get this out or some jaws may get broken tomorrow. When during your main event the crowd organically hijacks your show and chants “Restart the Match” and then chants your competition’s name there is a big problem Vince. More on this later. I gradeContinue reading “#HIAC Hell In A Cell Review 10/06/19”

#WWECreative : The Return of Paul Ellering

Authors of Pain are in the ring after a commercial break. Drake Maverick has the microphone and says, “We’ve been slighted and the AOP won’t stand for this! We are the biggest dogs in this yard! You don’t piss in the wind and you dont take food from a couple rabid dogs! ” Rezar andContinue reading “#WWECreative : The Return of Paul Ellering”

Wwe mixed challenge review facebook watch 1

WWE Mixed Match Challenge: Jan 16, 2018 I along with other hardcore fans are not impressed. Not after seeing legendary mixed tag matches the like of Asuka in Japan, known formerly as Kana. What more must be said of this disappointment, when you see Shinsuke literally admonish Natalya for abusing his gimmick to an uncomfortableContinue reading “Wwe mixed challenge review facebook watch 1”